Oppo Reno7 Pro  First Impressions


The Reno7 Pro's rear AG glass contains small microscopic textures that provide a distinct hand feel when handling the phone. If that wasn't enough, the back camera module lights when you receive a call or when the phone is charging.

Oppo has reduced the size of the bottom bezel to the point where it virtually vanishes. The display itself is adequate but not exceptional. It's a fully functional screen. It supports HDR on YouTube and Amazon Prime, and the touch responsiveness may be increased to 1000Hz while gaming.

The Reno7 Pro is one of a slew of new phones using Sony's 50MP IMX766 sensor in the back camera stack. Upon evaluating the camera output of this phone to that of other phones, it's reasonable to state that it's capable of producing vivid photographs during the day and relatively crisp shots at night.

The Reno7 Pro, comes with a modified MediaTek Dimensity 1200 MAX SoC, which Oppo says was customised exclusively for it. The specific changes made have not been revealed, however Oppo claims to have collaborated with MediaTek to improve the display, image, and video clarity.

With a slew of new photography features, an appealing iPhone-like appearance, and a bespoke SoC, the Reno7 Pro makes a major statement in the high-end sector. However, the camera may be enough to entice video makers and influencers searching for a fashionable new smartphone.