Redmi Smart Band Pro  Review


The design of the Redmi Smart Band Pro is comparable to that of any other fitness band: a polycarbonate module with two silicone straps. You may replace the straps since they are detachable. The band has a good build quality but the screen is prone to fingerprints.

The Redmi Smart Band Pro's USP is its larger and broader display, which sets it apart from other fitness bands. The AMOLED panel on the display produces bright colours, and it supports Always on Display (AOD). There are more than 50 distinct watch face alternatives available.

The fitness band has a 200mAh battery, and it's been five days since it arrived, and it's still at 75% charge. With most of the features switched on, the Redmi Smart Band Pro should easily last for more than two weeks. To be fully charged, it takes around 90 minutes.

Heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen (SpO2) monitoring, sleep tracking, and other capabilities are included in the Redmi Smart Band Pro. The data measurement appears to be fairly precise. The Redmi Smart Band Pro's sleep tracking is fairly accurate, and it displays a very thorough chart.

The Redmi Smart Band Pro has the same user interface as the Mi Band 6. You can check notifications by swiping down, but you can't do much else. When it comes to calls, you can't accept them or send any message templates from the band; your only alternatives are to silence it or hang up.

We prefer the Redmi Smart Band Pro to the Mi Band 6 since it is a better value for money product. The Redmi Smart Band Pro has an advantage over the Honor Band 6 thanks to its Always-On Display feature. The Redmi Smart Band Pro is a cross between fitness bands and smartwatches.