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Updated On: 16th April 2014

Micromax Mobile Price List 2013

Micromax has become the largest Indian handset brand in less than 3 years. The latest micromax mobile price list in India has been put together to help you select a micromax mobile available within your budget.This list was last updated on 2014 16th April. with costs of mobiles on that day. The prices of the mobile phones are sourced from 10 different online stores. The price shown here is the best price found.

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Micromax mobile price list in India 2013 with pictures and 149 models

Micromax Canvas 4
Rs. 13,842
Micromax A90
Rs. 13,299
Micromax A85
Rs. 9,999
Micromax A90S
Rs. 8,899
Micromax A91 Ninja
Rs. 6,999
Micromax A75
Rs. 6,799
Micromax Bolt A71
Rs. 6,250
Micromax A89 Ninja
Rs. 6,181
Micromax A73
Rs. 5,999
Micromax Bolt A068
Rs. 5,847
Micromax Bolt A66
Rs. 5,499
Micromax A52
Rs. 5,069
Micromax Bolt A089
Rs. 4,949
Micromax Bolt A61
Rs. 4,590
Micromax Bolt A40
Rs. 4,569
Micromax Bolt A51
Rs. 4,369
Micromax A45
Rs. 4,274
Micromax Bolt A46
Rs. 4,143
Micromax X50
Rs. 4,139
Micromax Bolt A47
Rs. 4,099
Micromax Bolt A37B
Rs. 3,999
Micromax X336
Rs. 3,999
Micromax Q36
Rs. 3,809
Micromax Bolt A58
Rs. 3,643
Micromax Bolt A59
Rs. 3,599
Micromax A50
Rs. 3,599
Micromax Bolt A37
Rs. 3,590
Micromax Bolt A36
Rs. 3,550
Micromax A44
Rs. 3,500
Micromax X45
Rs. 3,383
Micromax A34
Rs. 3,299
Micromax Bolt A62
Rs. 3,249
Micromax A35 Bolt
Rs. 3,240
Micromax X78
Rs. 3,149
Micromax Bolt A26
Rs. 3,049
Micromax Q34
Rs. 2,999
Micromax Bolt A28
Rs. 2,960
Micromax A27 Ninja
Rs. 2,870
Micromax GC200
Rs. 2,856
Micromax Bolt A27
Rs. 2,850
Micromax X455
Rs. 2,810
Micromax Blade X55
Rs. 2,779
Micromax Bling Q55
Rs. 2,749
Micromax X446
Rs. 2,722
Micromax X445
Rs. 2,650
Micromax X454
Rs. 2,550
Micromax X501
Rs. 2,546
Micromax X444
Rs. 2,500
Micromax X259
Rs. 2,443
Micromax X337
Rs. 2,360
Micromax X312
Rs. 2,349
Micromax X457
Rs. 2,332
Micromax Bolt A24
Rs. 2,327
Micromax X285
Rs. 2,255
Micromax GC232
Rs. 2,237
Micromax X325
Rs. 2,191
Micromax GC333
Rs. 2,160
Micromax X335
Rs. 2,149
Micromax X367
Rs. 2,069
Micromax Q66
Rs. 2,039
Micromax GC222
Rs. 2,021
Micromax Q7
Rs. 1,989
Micromax Bolt X321
Rs. 1,979
Micromax X292
Rs. 1,930
Micromax X329
Rs. 1,867
Micromax X231
Rs. 1,810
Micromax Bling X44
Rs. 1,785
Micromax X235
Rs. 1,731
Micromax X1i Plus
Rs. 1,729
Micromax C260
Rs. 1,715
Micromax X254
Rs. 1,710
Micromax X257
Rs. 1,691
Micromax X269
Rs. 1,680
Micromax X286
Rs. 1,605
Micromax Bolt X328
Rs. 1,597
Micromax X282
Rs. 1,597
Micromax X273
Rs. 1,578
Micromax E390
Rs. 1,575
Micromax X281
Rs. 1,539
Micromax X1i
Rs. 1,523
Micromax Q23
Rs. 1,519
Micromax X222
Rs. 1,500
Micromax Bolt X351
Rs. 1,499
Micromax X276
Rs. 1,499
Micromax X207
Rs. 1,480
Micromax X247
Rs. 1,476
Micromax X1i XTRA
Rs. 1,476
Micromax X1i Ultra
Rs. 1,463
Micromax X320
Rs. 1,437
Micromax X277
Rs. 1,428
Micromax X267
Rs. 1,418
Micromax X272
Rs. 1,412
Micromax X258
Rs. 1,409
Micromax X279
Rs. 1,409
Micromax Bolt X287
Rs. 1,400
Micromax X268
Rs. 1,299
Micromax X264
Rs. 1,151
Micromax X104C
Rs. 1,099
Micromax X102
Rs. 1,094
Micromax X096
Rs. 1,033
Micromax X098
Rs. 999
Micromax X11i
Rs. 999
Micromax X086
Rs. 999
Micromax X085
Rs. 981
Micromax X101
Rs. 970
Micromax X103
Rs. 960
Micromax X097
Rs. 958
Micromax X099
Rs. 950
Micromax X084
Rs. 926

Normally price of mobile phones vary from state to state due to different tax rates. These prices are from online stores and hence this Micromax mobile price list is valid for all major cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

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Notes / Disclaimer
  • Prices mentioned above are the best (least) price available for each mobile across all stores. To get prices across all stores please select (click) a given mobile.
  • Prices may vary from store to store and from place to place based on different tax rates.
  • Prices shown above are with bill and warranty.
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