ESL BGMI Pro Series 2024 LAN Finals: Entity Gaming Clinches Victory, IQOO Soul Are Runner-Up

Over 210,000 viewers tuned in at the peak of the ESL Snapdragon Pro Series BGMI 2024.

  • Entity Gaming claimed victory at the ESL Snapdragon BGMI Pro Series LAN event and secured a cash prize of Rs 28.17 lakhs.
  • IQOO Soul and Chemin Esports were the first and second runner-ups respectively.
  • AKOP from Orangutan secured the MVP title, eliminating 34 enemies in 18 matches.

The ESL BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series 2024 LAN Finals wrapped up with Entity Gaming clinching the championship title with domination. The LAN finals that took place from February 16-18 witnessed intense performance from all the sixteen finalists.

Led by Saumraj, the team secured a total of 189 points, including two Chicken Dinners and 87 eliminations, making a remarkable comeback on Day 3 of the Grand Finals. This stellar performance earned them a cash prize of Rs 28.17 lakhs.

In a closely contested battle, IQOO Soul secured second place with a prize of Rs 11.97 lakhs, while Chemin Esports put on a strong showing and earned Rs 7.85 lakhs for their third-place finish.

ESL BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series 2024 Overall Standings

bgmi pro series
Image via ESL India

Team Soul put up a valiant fight but narrowly missed the championship title, finishing as the first runner-up in the Grand Finals. Led by Manya, they amassed 171 points across 18 matches, even holding the top spot before the final match. Unfortunately, an early elimination in the last game pushed them down to second place.

Chemin Esports stole the show with their impressive gameplay, securing a well-deserved third-place finish with 170 points and a whopping 74 eliminations. Hot on their heels was Carnival Gaming, formerly known as the formidable Team Soul lineup. They accumulated 73 eliminations and secured two Chicken Dinners, showcasing their experience and strategic prowess. A particularly mesmerizing performance in the final game propelled them into the top five, securing a fourth-place finish and a share of the prize pool.

While Orangutan faltered on Day 3, their dominant start secured their fifth place with 162 points and two Chicken Dinners. AKop from Orangutan Gaming won the MVP award of Rs 50,000. Revenant Esports and OR Esports maintained consistent performances, finishing sixth and seventh with 159 and 156 points respectively, each boasting two Chicken Dinners. Team Forever Esports secured eighth place with 136 points and one Chicken Dinner. Global Esports finished in ninth place, followed by Blind in tenth.

Team iFlicks’ Day 2 brilliance, marked by two Chicken Dinners, couldn’t be sustained as they faced challenges in their remaining matches. Despite their strong start, they ultimately finished 11th with 125 points.

Prize Pool Distribution

  1. Entity Gaming – Rs 28,17,500
  2. IQOO Soul – Rs 11,97,500
  3. Chemin Esports – Rs 7,85,000
  4. Carnival Gaming – Rs 6,32,500
  5. Orangutan Gaming – Rs 6,17,500
  6. Revenant Esports – Rs Rs 5,60,000
  7. OR Esports – Rs 5,22,500
  8. Team Forever – Rs 3,97,500
  9. Global Esports – Rs 4,27,500
  10. Blind Esports – Rs 3,85,000
  11. Team iFlicks – Rs 5,57,500
  12. Hydra Esports – Rs 2,32,500
  13. WSB Gaming – Rs 2,12,500
  14. Gods Reign – Rs 2,30,000
  15. Gujarat Tigers – Rs 1,52,500
  16. GenxFM Esports – Rs 1,07,500

The ESL Snapdragon Pro Series BGMI 2024 witnessed a peak viewership of 210,000, demonstrating the tournament’s success in captivating the BGMI and esports community.

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