YouTube Will Focus More on AI Features for Content Creation in 2024

YouTube CEO Neal Mohan outlined the vision for streaming platform in his annual letter to the YouTube community.

  • YouTube CEO Neal Mohan has posted his annual letter to the YouTube community.
  • The top executive has outlined four key areas of YouTube’s vision for 2024.
  • YouTube is betting big on AI usage in Shorts and the creator economy this year.

YouTube CEO Neal Mohan has posted his annual letter to the community and has highlighted four major goals of the platform in 2024. The letter outlines that YouTube will be focusing more on AI, Shorts, creator economy, and home entertainment on the platform.

The top executive emphasises the importance of AI in simplifying content creation and promoting creative expression, especially in short form format with YouTube Shorts.

YouTube Working On Empowering Creators With AI Features

The AI features offered by YouTube will help more creators make and share content. These features include the Dream Screen, which uses generative AI to create surreal backgrounds for Shorts. Additionally, there’s the Music AI Incubator, which uses AI to boost the music creation process. Dream Track gets a special mention as it allows users to generate new songs and music with simple prompts.

YouTube announces its goals for 2024 to support creators.
YouTube announces its goals for 2024 to support creators.

It is revealed that YouTube will be building and rolling out more AI tools to level the playing field and encourage more users to create content. The focus will be on YouTube Shorts as it is the easiest way for anyone to get started with content creation.

The CEO revealed that YouTube Shorts are being watched 70 billion times daily on average. Moreover, channels creating and uploading shorts have grown by 50% year on year. Hence, the platform will be utilising AI to help everyone create quality content and push the boundary of creative expression.

In his letter, Mohan also recognised YouTube creators as the “next-generation studios.” He acknowledged their innovative storytelling and contribution to redefining the entertainment industry. In 2024, YouTube plans to advocate for the recognition and acknowledgement of creators in the industry.

Additionally, YouTube will also work toward improving monetisation for creators and protecting the creator economy. Lastly, the company will also work on improving the subscription and living room-watching experience on the platform, which should be interesting to see!