Meet our team

Asif Iqbal Shaikh
Forever looking out for the shiniest and craziest gadgets, Asif heads the content team at MySmartPrice. He loves to channel his inner Barney Stinson and dress up in suits once in a while.
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Nachiket Mhatre
Features & Reviews Writer
Content peddler by day and avid gamer by night, Nachiket has been obsessed with computers since the days of the 8086. His free time is meant for tinkering with hobby grade R/C, or just sharpening his knives.
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Rahul Srinivas
News & Reviews Writer
Rahul runs a YouTube channel that only has videos of trains passing by. Normally, he is found reviewing gadgets and editing stuff at Gear by MySmartPrice. But we all know he loves the Flying Ranee Express more.
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Chandrakant Isi
Features Writer
Chandrakant is a sci-fi movie aficionado and wannabe space explorer. He writes about consumer technology for bread and butter. He is older than you think and hates writing about himself in third person.
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Harish Jonnalagadda
Contributing Editor
Another grammar Nazi, Harish rarely comes to the office. He is an ardent Arsenal fan, who has not played a game of football till date. He buys and owns more gadgets than all of us in the team combined.
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Onkar Soundankar
Leaks Expert
The youngest member of our team is an expert at scouring the interweb for smartphone leaks. When he is not writing, he can generally be seen looking for a new scoop on Chinese social website Weibo.
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Abid Iqbal
Contributing News Writer
Asif's younger brother is the newest addition to the Gear team. He inherits the love for gadgets from his elder brother. A motorbike aficionado, he can rattle off bike specifications like a professional.
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Suman De
Contributing News Writer
When Suman isn't writing, he can be seen kicking a football into the goal or eating biryani. He is the only one from our team who comes to office every day and we are planning to keep all the review units with him.
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Zara Ali
Contributing Features Writer
Zara writes for more blogs than we can keep count of. Her nocturnal trait ensures that she doesn't come to the office often. If she is not writing about the latest tech news, she is generally watching TV shows.
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