Meet Our Team

Ershad Kaleebullah
Ershad is the most experienced tech nerd at MySmartPrice. That’s just a fancy way of saying he is old. Want more proof? His favourite fun activity is karaoke. Please, don’t encourage him to sing. Anyway, Ershad is an ardent audiophile, a gamer, and loves tinkering with smartphones. He leads the editorial team and is responsible for all the high level decisions.
Rushil Agrawal
Content Producer & Senior Reviewer
Having finished his Engineering, MBA and mid-life crisis, Rushil realized he’s really good at doling out information about smartphones and consumer technology without anyone asking. So now, he does that for a living. You can find him mostly on the Mysmartprice Youtube channel in his never-ending search for the perfect smartphone
Subhrojit Mallick
Senior Principal Correspondent
When not hunting for the next big breaking news in tech, Subhro is usually found hunched in front of the laptop, playing games in the name of performance testing. He holds a bachelors degree in Economics and a PGDM in journalism, and has been dabbling with tech journalism for over half a decade now.
Rohan Pal
Principal Correspondent
Rohan has been writing about technology for over 5 years now. He holds a degree in journalism and is obsessed about smartphones. When he is not writing, you will find him drooling over street food, playing COD Mobile on his phone or thinking about travelling back in time to invest in Bitcoins.
Shubham Dutt
Social Media Executive & News Writer
Shubham is the youngest member of our editorial team. He is good at digging unique tech stories for MSP. When Shubham is not managing our social channels or writing stories, he can be found listening to romantic music or watching Anime.
Arpit Porwal
Freelance Contributor (Mobiles & Telecom)
Arpit grew his liking for gadgets almost a decade back while searching for his first smartphone, and started writing about tech recently in 2018. Arpit comes from Mathematics research background and can be found discussing Mathematics when not looking at his phones.
Onkar Soundankar
Freelance Contributor (Mobiles & Telecom)
Onkar is an Engineer by profession and an ardent smartphone geek. He is associated with MySmartPrice since 2016. He is an expert at scouring the interweb for smartphone leaks. Onkar has a knack for finding out leaks about smartphones and other devices from the internet's deep dark web. He has previously worked as a contributor for AndroidSpin.
Rahul Bhushan
Freelance Contributor (Games)
I firmly believe my time on Earth would've been 80% less awesome if not for video games, especially ones that let me put weird hats on my character. An educational background in journalism and film, and a passionate interest in video games puts me in just the right spot to be doing what I love the most - talk about games.
Praveen Penugonda
SEO & Data Analytics Lead
Venkatesh Babu Gorantla
Head of Outreach
Koteswar Rao Gajavalli
Outreach Executive
Sohail Khan
Marketing & Business Development Head
Amit Mishra
Video Editor
Sourav Mitra
Product Lead
Ash Mohammed
Tech Lead
Ankit Sharma
Sales Lead