Apple 20W Power Adapters Possibly for iPhone 12 Receive Certification in Australia


Earlier today, images of a new charger from Apple, bearing the model number A2305, were leaked, courtesy of a Twitter account that goes by Mr-white. The leaked images of the charger reveal that it will have a 20W output power. This charger is expected to have been developed for the upcoming series of iPhone, the iPhone 12.

Now, we have some new information regarding the charger that was leaked earlier today. The Apple A2305 has now been certified through the NEMKO certification platform. Furthermore, we have spotted one more, unannounced charger from Apple that we haven’t heard of ever before, on the NEMKO (Norges Elektriske Materiellkontroll) and Australian certification platforms, the A2247. Let us have a look at what these certifications reveal.

Apple A2305 20W charger gets NEMKO certification

The NEMKO certification of the Apple 2305 charger reveals that the charger has up to 20W of output power (9Vx2.22A), just like we had seen in its leaked images. This certification also reveals that the charger has a USB Type-C port and that it supports USB PD (Power Delivery) protocol.

Apple 2247 20W charger gets Australian and NEMKO certifications

Coming to the Apple 2247, its Australian certification reveals that the charger has 20W output (9V x 2.22A) and USB PD support. The NEMKO certification of the Apple A2247, on the other hand, reveals that the charger has a USB Type-C port.

Currently, we don’t know how do these two chargers differ from each other. Their model numbers are completely different so there must be some difference between both the chargers. Hopefully, we will know about the difference when we get to see more certifications of these chargers.