Elon Musk’s X Now Lets Blue Subscribers Hide Verification Checkmarks on Their Profile

Blue subscribers who want to use advanced feature but don't want the world to know they paid for verification can now hide the blue tick.

  • X Users can now hide the blue verification tick on their profile.
  • This is helpful for users who want advanced features but don’t want everyone to know they paid for the verification mark.
  • The microblogging platform has announced that even if users hide the tick on the account, it might appear in some places.

X, the microblogging platform, is letting its paid subscribers hide the blue checkmark on their profile. Notably, earlier, Twitter used to verify legacy users based on their credibility, which was changed to paid verification after the Twitter Blue relaunch by Elon Musk. Nowadays, anyone can get the blue tick on their account by paying Rs 900 per month or Rs 9,000 per year on mobile and Rs 650 monthly, or Rs 6,500 yearly on the web. Users who want the features but don’t want everyone to know they bought Twitter Blue can now hide the blue checkmark. Let’s take a look at all the details.

X Users Can Now Hide Blue Checkmark on Their Profile

X now lets users hide their Twitter Blue checkmark.
X now lets users hide their X Blue checkmark.

As you can see in the screenshot above, X Blue subscribers on Elon Musk’s Z social media platform can now hide the blue checkmark on their profile. This development benefits users who don’t want everyone to know they have purchased the Blue subscription. The social media company has also updated its About X Blue webpage to reflect the changes.

The social media company has added a new bullet – Hide your checkmark in the list of X Blue Features. The new point read that as paid subscribers, users can choose to hide their checkmark, which will be hidden on their profile and posts. However, there’s a disclaimer that the checkmark might still appear in some places, some features might reveal that the user has a subscription, and some features might not work when the checkmark is hidden.

The company has assured that it will continue to evolve the feature for its paid subscribers. For the uninitiated, X Blue users can edit their tweets, see fewer ads, post tweets with up to 25,000 characters, use text formatting, use custom app icons, post longer videos, use themes, post NFT profile pictures, and more.

TweetDeck Rebrands to XPro After Twitter’s Rebrand in July

Tweetdeck, the proprietary social media dashboard application for laptops, has also been rebranded. Notably, the desktop app that lets users follow multiple timelines on a single screen was acquired by Twitter in 2011. As part of Elon Musk’s rebranding of Twitter, TweetDeck has also been rebranded to XPro. Those who use TweetDeck will now see the XPro logo in the app’s lower-left corner. While the URL for the dashboard is still the same, the new rebranding has been added across the interface.