Apple May Start Offering Matte Black Colour Options for iPhone and MacBook, New Patent Gets Approved

Apple's latest patent can develop matte finish on anodized surfaces

  • Apple may soon introduce matte black colour options for MacBooks, iPads, and other products.
  • The company has received approvals for a patent that includes a specialized technique to develop a matte black finish on anodized surfaces.
  • The patent also shows the possibility of matte black colour options on iPhones and Apple Watches.

Apple may soon start offering matte black colour options for iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and its Apple Watch. The company had filed for a patent for an anodized part with a matte black appearance in 2020. As per the latest updates from the United States Trademark and Patent Office (USTPO), the patent has been approved for Apple.

Images from the patent include depictions of a smartphone, watch, laptop, and tablet. Although Apple has offered matte black colour options on some iPhones, the company has not introduced this colour option in MacBooks for two decades. The last time we saw a black MacBook was the original MacBook, launched in 2006.

Apple Gets Patent Approval For Anodized Matte Black Parts

Apple filed a patent for a matte black appearance using anodization in 2020. The patent has now been approved, which was spotted by Patently Apple. The new patent is about a specialized etching technique which will be used on anodized surfaces, for a seamless matte black finish.

As per the patent details, an anodized layer will be overlayed on a metal substrate. The combination of these two layers makes a porous wall, which will distribute visible light in an organized pattern. The overall look and finish of the final product will be matte.

appple matte black patent for macbook ipad iphone

Since this patent includes anodizing parts, it is more likely to be applicable for metallic surfaces on MacBooks and iPads. All the latest iPhone models come with a glass back panel for wireless charging support. Hence, the chances of Apple switching back to a metallic back panel are quite low.

With this new patent, we may soon see Apple introducing matte black colour options on MacBooks, iPads, and Apple Watches. Apple is set to launch its latest iPhone 15 Series on September 12. However, since this patent approval has come just a week before this event, it is very unlikely that we may see matte black options this year.

apple matte black patent anodize surface

Apple first introduced the matte black colour option for iPhones in the iPhone 7, which was launched in September 2016. However, many users complained that the paint was chipping off, and the matte finish was not good compared to the high standards of Apple. Hence, Apple has been quite conservative in releasing matte black options for its devices.

Apple and its Colour Games

Apple is pretty smart with its product launches, as the company is known to launch some variants distantly, to generate buzz in the market. As we saw with the iPhone 14 Series, Apple introduced a yellow colour variant almost 6 months after the official launch. However, the introduction of a new colour made huge headlines and gathered massive attention towards the iPhone 14 Series

Hence, Apple may introduce matte black colour options for its devices at a much later date, after the official launch. However, the company has not shared any plans officially to provide new colour options later.