BGMI Adds Voice Pack of Popular Indian E-sports Streamer, Payal Gaming: Here’s How to Get

The BGMI Payal Gaming voice pack contains English dialogues, and players can try out the pack on the game through April 14, 2022.


BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) has announced the addition of a new voice pack in the game, customised in the voice of popular Indian e-sports streamer, Payal Dhare. Published under her gamer tag of Payal Gaming, the voice pack has been added to the game for a limited period. Using this, players can experience a set of dialogues within the game that are signature to Dhare – and also uses her voice in the game.

BGMI Payal Gaming Voice Pack: How to Get

To get the BGMI Payal Gaming voice pack in the game, players will need to access the in-game shop, and navigate to the voice pack sub-section. The limited edition Payal Gaming voice pack will now be listed here, as it is already live within the game.

The voice pack can be purchased for 250 UC, which is the in-game currency that can be used to buy game collectibles and add-ons such as this voice pack itself. Once purchased, the players can then access their in-game mailbox, where the pack will show up. Users will need to tap on ‘collect’ to redeem their purchase made here.

After this, players will need to access the ‘inventory’ tab in the game, and select the ‘audio files’ sub-section here. Now, selecting the Payal Gaming audio pack will show a list of different audio messages, which players can drag and drop to the selected audio dialogues list that would then be available within a match.

Following this, users can subsequently access Payal Gaming’s English dialogues within the game. The pack will remain active for buying until April 14, 2022.

Voice Packs in the Game

This is not the first time that the Krafton-backed game has introduced voice packs from game streamers on the platform. Earlier this year, Battlegrounds Mobile India introduced three voice packs of Indian game streamers, under their gamer tags of Snax, Kaztro and Jonathan. The game also has multiple language based voice packs, letting users customise the experience of their in-game chats.