Fitbit OS 3.0 Update To Versa and Ionic Smartwatches Offers New Apps And Dashboard For Better Health Tracking Display

Fitbit is offering one of the most important updates to its smart wearable fitness, health and activity trackers. The Versa and Ionic smartwatches will get the Fitbit OS 3.0 update which will bring quite a few feature upgrades including a fundamentally redesigned dashboard.

Fitbit is sending out the Fitbit OS 3.0 update to Versa and Ionic smartwatches. The update will now make it even easier to track health data and maintain a detailed log on the smart wearable devices itself. Fitbit has focused predominantly on the smartwatch dashboard. The display of the smartwatches will now offer details about exercise and sleep patterns. Fitbit has apparently improved he gesture navigation on its smart wearable fitness, health and activity trackers. There are several more feature additions as well.

Fitbit Rolls Out Fitbit OS 3.0 Update Which Includes 10 New Partner Apps and Clock Faces

The Fitbit OS 3.0 update strengthens the dashboard and makes it very easy to view and enter data. Users can now see data from up to seven metrics that they like. They have to merely swipe up from the bottom to view the data. Fitbit offers a choice between core stats, hourly steps, heart rate, exercise, water, food, weight and badges.

The new update allows the Fitbit smart wearable to become a little more independent. Users can easily log their water intake as well as weight on the device itself. Previously, such info needed the Fitbit app installed on a synced device. To add the details within the ‘Today’ dashboard, users have to simply tap on the ‘+’ icon. Active users can also set goal-based exercises for more than 15 activities. The goals can be measured in distance, time or calories. Needless to add, Fitbit users can see all this data and their progress in real time.

Fitbit confirmed it is offering 10 new partner apps and clock faces. MySwimPro, Couch to 5K, Genius Wrist (which provides on-device workouts) and achu health (a clock fact that gives users alerts if the body is showing signs of sickness) are already available. The other six, which include Charity Miles, FitBark, Gold’s Amp for Fitbit, Mindbody, Noonlight, and TRX are on their way. Fitbit indicated the apps will arrive early next year.

After updating the Versa and Ionic smartwatches to Fitbit OS 3.0, users can access Fitbit Pay, music controls and quick settings for screen wake and notifications by simply pressing and holding the left button. The company now allows to keep the clock screen lit for up to 60 seconds.

Fitbit Confirms New App Features

Fitbit also mentioned that its Versa and Ionic smartwatches will have period trends for Fitbit’s Female Health Tracking. This feature will allow women to view their menstrual cycle data, logged symptoms, and trends.

In a major bid to attract developers, Fitbit has launched a new Exercise API as well as open-source tools. Developers can use these relatively simple tools to create new apps. Fitbit hopes the platform could birth apps for complex or extreme fitness activities like snowboarding.

Fitbit has confirmed that the Fitbit OS 3.0 update rollout is gradual. In other words, Versa and Ionic smartwatch users should patiently wait for the update to arrive over the course of next few weeks.

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