[Update: Might Not Serve System Ads] HUAWEI Ads Allows Advertisers To Serve Ads on HUAWEI Phones and Third-Party Apps Using Huawei Mobile Services


Update [06:30 PM IST, Jan. 16, 2020]: After going through HUAWEI Ads Terms & Conditions once more, we think that we might have misunderstood the possibility of HUAWEI pushing ads or push notifications through the system UI on EMUI devices.

However, the introduction of HUAWEI Ads mentions “HUAWEI Ads is an ads platform provided by Huawei Services Co., Limited, a Huawei subsidiary based in Hong Kong, for advertisers to serve ads on HUAWEI and third-party apps.

In our understanding, Huawei might not be planning to push system ads into its devices right now, but HUAWEI Ads makes it possible for advertisers to display ads via system UI if and when Huawei decides to show ads on its phones. The company might not be in a position to take that step yet, considering its faltering market share in markets outside of China.

Huawei has been through a lot and seen tough times lately, owing to China-US trade tensions and the ban the US government has imposed on the company. To tackle with struggling sales in the markets outside of China, Huawei has been working swiftly to bring its own version of Android, dubbed the HarmonyOS, which also replaces Google Mobile Services (GMS) with Huawei Mobile Services (HMS).

MySmartPrice has come to know that Huawei might also be planning on showing advertisements on its upcoming smartphones.

Huawei Ads Platform Is Part Of Huawei Mobile Services, Allows Advertisers To Serve Ads On Huawei & Third-Party Apps On EMUI Phones

We recently received an update on one of our Huawei devices which contains the recently-unveiled Huawei Mobile Services core. The aspect that attracted us the most was the Terms and Conditions page of the update.

As seen in the screenshots, the company has informed us about its plans for the ‘Huawei Ads’ platform which might soon be released to other devices from the company that don’t have the Google Play Services and instead run Huawei Mobile Services.

The T&C page gives us all the information about the ads the company might soon be serving its users. Here are some important pieces of information that are worth knowing before you buy a Huawei device with HMS in the future:

  • The personal data used for ads personalisation is retained for one year from the time of collection.
  • The data is stored in the data centres located in Hong Kong (China) and Singapore.
  • If the user gives their consent, Huawei Ads will also collect and process the user’s location information (via GPS) to provide “geographically relevant” advertisements
  • In addition, your data may also be processed by out local customer service centres located, for example, in Egypt, Mexico, India, South Korea, and Pakistan, if you are currently residing in any of these countries

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For now, we have not noticed any ads on the EMUI 10 build our unit has received, so we cannot really say for sure as to which areas of the UI will be serving ads.

What are your thoughts on the probable ads being rolled out in the Huawei devices? Do let us know in the comments section below.