Pixel 6 Has a Fingerprint Glitch that May Not Recognise Your Biometric Lock if the Phone Loses Battery

The Pixel 6 apparently has an issue where it would fail to recognise your fingerprint altogether, if the phone shuts down suddenly.


The Pixel 6 from Google was one of the most awaited smartphones in the Android ecosystem, but ever since its launch, has been marred by a hefty number of problems and issues. The latest one, reported by Android Police and APK Pure founder Artem Russakovskii, relates to the fingerprint sensor on the smartphone. According to reports, if a Pixel 6 smartphone shuts down abruptly, then not only is the sensor failing to register new additions, but may not even recognise already registered fingerprints on the device.

A Reddit thread on the matter reveals that this may be a consequence of a recent security update that resulted in the glitch. A user report documenting the issue says, “The fingerprint scanner on my Pixel 6 pro was working fine until last night when I ran out of battery. After plugging it in to charge and going through entering my pin once, I noticed that the icon for fingerprint scanner stopped showing up on the screen. Now I’m stuck with entering the pin every time that I want to unlock the device.”

It further adds, “Going into settings, I noticed that the fingerprint profile is no longer there. Tried setting it up, and it goes through capturing the fingerprint but once it finishes it shows the message: Enrollment was not completed Fingerprint enrollment didn’t work. Try again or use a different finger. Tried all of that, same. Tried my wife’s finger, same. Installed the fingerprint calibration from Google, same.”

This isn’t the first issue that the Pixel 6 has encountered with reference to its fingerprint sensor. According to reports, many users have complained about their Pixel 6 smartphones being too sluggish in recognising fingerprints. However, Google has since stated that this is not a software glitch, but a hardware feature where the fingerprint algorithms bear “enhanced security” – and as a result, take longer to authenticate the biometric input before unlocking the phone.

Since the above Reddit post, many users have complained about this issue. Google is yet to officially acknowledge it or provide a recourse, but given that this is clearly a software glitch, Google is likely to address it in a fix in the near future.