Google Pixel Tablet Spotted on FCC with UWB Support, Fast Charging and Charging Dock Revealed by UL Solutions Certification

Google Pixel Tablet was first showcased at the Pixel 7 Launch last year.


  • Google Pixel Tablet stopped by FCC revealing support for UWB connectivity.
  • Google Pixel Tablet has also been spotted on the UL Solutions confirming its a tablet and its charging specs.
  • Google showcased the Pixel Tablet at the Pixel 7 series launch, with the release date set for 2023.

Google Pixel Tablet has been spotted on the website of the UL Solutions and FCC database. The FCC listing has revealed that the upcoming Android tablet will feature Ultra Wideband (UWB) connectivity. The tablet has also been spotted on UL Solutions, revealing charging specs and charging dock details. From the FCC listing we can make out that the device is a wireless mobile device, but the UL Solutions listing reveals that the device is indeed a tablet. Let’s take a look at the information revealed by these listings.

Google Pixel Tablet Spotted on FCC Website

The Google Pixel Tablet has been spotted on the FCC website with the model number GTU8P. According to the FCC listing, the new Android has been listed with support for three connectivity standards – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and UWB. While the listing doesn’t confirm what kind of device it is, the UL Solutions listing has confirmed that it’s an Android tablet.

Google showcased the tablet at the Pixel 7 series launch event last year, announcing that the device will arrive in 2023. The FCC listing confirms that the device is approaching the official launch date. The FCC listing doesn’t reveal much except for UWB connectivity.

With the Pixel Tablet, Google might expand the horizon of UWB connectivity beyond the digital car key functionality as on the Pixel phones. We can expect the Google Pixel Table to have a tap-to-transfer connectivity system. Google has been working on UWB connectivity for Nest speakers as well.

In the future, we might see connectivity features like tapping the phone to the tablet or tapping the tablet to the speaker to start casting music, and so on. Currently, little is known about the implications of UWB connectivity on the Pixel Tablet.

Google Pixel Tablet Fast Charging Details Confirmed by UL Solutions Listing

The model number GTU8P has been confirmed to be a tablet by the UL Solutions listing. The duplicate listing also reveals a charging dock with model number GMD6J. According to this listing, the Google Pixel Tablet will support fast charging up to 18W. On the other hand, the charging dock is said to provide 30W fast charging support to the device.

We will have to wait for the Google I/O 2023, where the brand will hopefully launch the much-anticipated tablet. Google has announced that the new Google I/O 2023 developer event will be hosted on May 10. Google is expected to announce multiple products at the event, including the Pixel tablet, Pixel 7A, Pixel Fold, Android 14, and more.