Here’s How to Get Upto 4 Months of Apple Music Subscription for Free!

You can get 4 months of Apple Music services for free, here's how.


Apple Music is one of the most premium music services in the world and you can get its four-month subscription for free right now. Generally, Apple offers a maximum of three months of free trial for new users but this time Apple is giving an additional month of free trial. The service costs Rs 99 per month in India but thanks to an offer via Shazam, any user can get four months for free.

The deal was first spotted by DealBee Deals Twitter handle and has been confirmed by various users on the platform. MySmartPrice also tried the method and found it to be working for all users in India. This could be a countering move from Apple to tackle Spotify’s offer of four months of free service that it announced back during Diwali. Let’s check out how you can get Apple Music for 4 months for free in India.

How to Get Apple Music 4 Months for Free?

To get four months of Apple Music subscription for free, users need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. On your Apple device, open this link:
  2. A QR Code will appear if you are on a desktop, otherwise, a Redeem button will appear on your smartphone.
  3. Tap on Redeem and it will open Apple Music on your device.
  4. Once the app is opened, it will ask for you to verify yourself. Confirm by pressing the side button and verifying the Face ID.
  5. That’s it, your four months of free Music subscription will start.

Important Note

Do note that you need to have a payment mode linked to your Apple account otherwise, it won’t start the trial. If you do not have a payment mode linked, you can add it by setting it up on the App store. During the purchase option, Apple Music will also ask you to add a payment option, so you can do it from there too.

The offer will show a month period of free trial and the rest of three months as redeemed. You do not need to worry as Apple will charge you only after four months of free service.

If you do not wish to pay for Apple Music after four months of free service, you can cancel it anytime. This offer is only available for those new users who haven’t opted for an Apple Music trial in the past.

Pros of Individual Premium Plan on Apple Music

Apple Music is said to be one of the best music streaming apps in the world. The service had 88 million subscribers in 2021 worldwide, more than the likes of Amazon Music and YouTube Music. So, what are the perks of subscribing to Apple Music? Let’s check out.

  1. Over 100 million songs yet easy to discover.
  2. Offline listening.
  3. High-quality music.
  4. Beats 1 Radio.
  5. Ad-free music and video streaming.
  6. Sync across all devices.
  7. Original exclusives, shows, and concerts