Twitter Users Can Finally Make Money From Their Followers, Here’s How

Twitter has introduced what they are calling a 'Tip Jar', which essentially allows users to send each other money on the platform.

Twitter Tip Jar

Twitter has announced the introduction of a new feature called ‘Tip Jar’. As was expected, the latter brings the ability for Twitter users to send each other money on the platform, without needing to go through a more elaborate process of money transfer. The feature is only being tested right now, so is presumably some time away from getting a wide, global rollout for all users. The platform hasn’t clarified on what basis are they selecting the users that are eligible for the trial, but this selection is most likely being done on a random basis.

The Twitter Tip Jar will add a new cash icon right beside the messages icon that takes users to DMs. Tapping on this button seems to open up a list of five payment options right now, out of which a user can select their preferred one. Selecting the payment platform will either redirect a user to their browser or open the selected payment app, through which the money transfer can be made. A lot of details about this process remains unclear as of now, but based on reports at the moment, the Twitter Tip Jar is most likely being tested as a service in USA only.

As a result, it is likely that the Tip Jar feature would initially be launched and limited to USA (and maybe Canada), before being launched in other nations. Users of the platform have already posted on the feature announcement thread, urging Twitter’s teams to integrate more payment options and therefore making the feature more accessible to all users. Such an integrated payment feature may help charities and crowdfunding accounts in particular, which reach out to users via tweets in order to appeal for donations or pitch exciting new products and services. With Tip Jar, interested users may be able to pay the service directly through Twitter itself, hence streamlining the entire user experience.

As of now, it is not clear as to whether the Tip Jar will initially only be offered to verified users, or those with at least a minimum number of followers on the platform. Given how misinformation and scams are perennial problems that social media is struggling with, it remains to be seen how Twitter aims to tackle any fraudulent transactions and misuse of the Tip Jar.

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