What Does IG Mean in Texting, Snapchat, Instagram and How to use it

Wish to know the full form and meaning of IG in chat? Here's everything about it.


The Internet is the best form of communication in the entire world. Today, billions of people are on the internet social media users are also in the same number category. Many of them are youngsters, often called Gen Z or Generation Z. They use slang or short forms while communicating, and one of them is the ‘IG.’ While the full form is easy to guess, it carries several meanings behind it about a particular context. In different social media platforms, it may mean differently.

It is a very popular slang or short form on the internet. Even, Millennials started using this. So, to tell you all about this, we’ve prepared this article on IG in full form in Chat. What it means and how to use it?

History and Evolution of IG

Imagine you are chatting with your friend, a loved one, or a family member. Everything in the conversation was going great, until, the moment you saw: IG.

You might be thinking, is it a spelling mistake? Well, no.

Abbreviations have been a part of social media since its inception. As it involves instant communication, using short forms facilitates the user to convey the message rapidly.

Many, other observations such as ‘idk’ or ‘ily’ have been used worldwide.

So, IG is not new. Technically, it means “I guess.” According to the dictionary, the use of “guess” is to estimate or suppose. It originally dates back to the century of the 1600s.

It is sometimes used to abbreviate the popular social media platform Instagram.

What does IG mean in texting and Instagram?

While using social media, IG may mean differently based on the context of the conversation. It may be the:

Abbreviation or short form of ‘I guess’

I guess


If you see the ‘IG’ at the beginning or the end of the sentence in a text message, it usually means ‘I guess.’ Hence, the short form IG.


  1. I guess, he might be waiting for us.
  2. You are not looking at the time, I guess.

So, this was the IG meaning in chat or text.

Short form of Instagram (social media app)

Instagram app

Sometimes, people also use the short form ‘IG’ while denoting Instagram. This is a popular social media platform with billions of users worldwide.


  1. Hey, have you checked the IG?
  2. IG has this very cool feature.

What does IG mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat is a very popular social media app, primarily famous for sending pictures and videos that are usually only available for a short period before they become inaccessible to their recipients?

However, you can also do chatting individually as well as in groups. So, if you see someone using the short form IG, it simply refers to “Instagram” and “I guess.”


  1. IG, I won’t be able to attend the event today.
  2. I have sent you the screenshot from my IG.

How to Use IG

Below are some ways to use IG on social media:

While chatting with the other

This is the most common use of IG. During chatting, you can easily use the abbreviation IG, if you’re not sure about something regarding the future. For example, if your friend asks you about the upcoming weather report. And you don’t have it. You can say, “IG, I am not aware of it yet.

When you’ve got mixed feelings 

You can even use the IG when you have mixed feelings. For example – you went to a restaurant and ordered a random dish. After tasting, you realize that you are not sure about its taste as if it suits your liking or not. You can say: “IG, I this is decent.”

When conveying about the Instagram app

The next most common use of IG is the denotation of the Instagram app. During chatting, if the topic is revolving around this photo and video-sharing platform. You can easily use the abbreviation IG to denote it. For example, you are saying to your friend. “Hey, check out my new reel on IG.

Other meanings of IG

While you’ve read about the most common usage of the short form IG. Here are some other ways in which people use this term.

For gamers

Gamers mostly use the abbreviation IG to denote ‘in-game.’ This usually means anything that happens inside the game.

For example, to invite your friend, you can say: “I am already on IG, would you like to join?


There’s massive outrage IG, come, let’s play.

Abbreviation as ‘ignore’ 

While having a conversation over a social media app, you can use it as the term ‘Ignore’ quite easily.

For example, “IG what I said in the lunch break.