What does 🤍 white heart emoji mean and its use cases with examples

Uncover the meanings of the White Heart Emoji (🤍) and explore how this versatile emoji conveys emotions such as love, purity, and more.


The world of emojis has expanded immensely, with emojis ubiquitous in daily life, from text messages to social media. Emojis have seamlessly integrated into everyone’s existence, providing a charming and humorous visual representation of emotions that words alone cannot convey. Among the multitude of emojis, the white heart emoji “🤍” stands out. In this article, we will explore the various meanings and uses of this particular emoji. Check it out!

Meanings of the White Heart Emoji

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The White heart emoji comes with a bunch of different meanings and depending upon the situation, it can be taken into use. Below, we have mentioned the several meanings associated with the “🤍 emoji.

Purity and Innocence 

Purity and Innocence 
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Colour white is the symbol of purity, as such the white heart emoji is often used to describe feelings of purity and innocence. 


  • “Often, the most insignificant gestures emerge from the purest hearts. Remain innocent, remain you.🤍
  • ” You are a reminder of innocence, purity, and all that is wonderful.🤍 Continue to shine!”

Romantic Love 

Romantic Love 
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Often while referring to feelings of romance and love, people make use of the heart symbol and the white heart emoji is nothing but a colorful statement to express the feeling of love and affection.


  • “I am head over heels in love with you. You are the only person who can bring peace to my chaotic world. 🤍
  • “You are the apple of my eyes and the only love that I have ever loved. 🤍

Peace and Tranquillity

Peace and Tranquillity
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The symbolic representation of the idea of peace and tranquillity is linked to the colour white. As such the white heart emoji, also lets the user describe an idea related to the subject of peace and calmness.


  • “Maintain peace as it has the power to change the world and heal the hearts. 🤍
  •  “The world is changing, all we need is a touch of love and peace. 🤍

Hope and New Beginnings 

Hope and New Beginnings 
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When trying to describe or talk about new beginnings, the white heart emoji is used to denote that the beginning might be as clear and peaceful as the colour white and the warmth of the heart symbol.


  • “A big hug for the new beginnings. Hope you get the best of everything. 🤍
  • “May you get everything that your heart desires and reach the pinnacle of success.🤍

Respect and Admiration

Being not too much, the white heart emoji is just the appropriate symbol when you are trying to depict feelings of respect and admiration for someone or a situation.


  • “Thank you for being the best guide that I could have wished for. I truly wish that you get to achieve more success and love. 🤍
  • “Thank you for being the ray of sunshine. You inspire me every day and I wish to become like you. 🤍

Gratitude and Appreciation 

White heart emoji is also used when a person is trying to express gratitude and appreciation towards another person or a situation. He/she while making use of this emoji is trying to express a neutral and toned-down form of love.


  • “A kind heart is the one that has the power to heal the world. 🤍
  •  “Thank you for being the strongest pillar of support in my life. I would not have done this without you being by my side. 🤍

Tenderness and Affection 

The white heart emoji is also a symbol of the softness, tenderness, and feelings of affection that get all combined up inside a person’s actual heart.


  • “You are the most loving, genuine, and kind person that I’ve seen over the years. Continue to shine and impress the world with your kindness.🤍
  • “I miss the warmth of your love. Meet me soon. 🤍

How to respond to a White Heart Emoji?

There are several ways in which a person can respond to a white heart emoji. Below we have mentioned the three most common situations that could be carried out if you receive a white heart emoji.

Reciprocate with a White Heart Emoji

  • You can also reciprocate by sending them the same white emoji in return. All you are trying to do is show the mutual feelings. 
  • Examples: “My beautiful sister continue to shine and impress the world with your sweet, kind, and loving heart.🤍 There is definitely no one like you.🤍
  • “No amount of love is enough to express what I feel for you. 🤍

Express Appreciation 

  • The best way to reply to any heart emoji is by expressing your feelings of appreciation and love. You can type in a sweet little text or try and send warm messages, coupled with some different emojis.
  • Examples: “Thank you for the kind words.🤍 I hope that our love and affection will continue to grow. Be by my side. Always and Forever.”
  • “You are the reason behind my smile. I hope that our bond remains strong and pure. ❤️🤍❤️”

Text them with Different Heart Emojis 

It is not necessary that you have to send them the exact white emoji in return but you can also make use of several other heart emojis. The main motive is to express your love and gratitude and you can easily do so by sending a heart in return.


  • “Thank you for the immense love and support that you’ve shown throughout the years. ❤️🤍❤️”
  • “I hope we meet soon and will continue to send you tonnes of letters. ❤️ Have a safe journey! 🕊️🤍

White Heart Emoji Design on Different Platforms

White Heart Emoji on Different Platforms

  • The White Heart emoji might show up differently on different devices. As an example, it might not appear specifically the exact same on iPhones as it would on Android phones. It could vary as well depending upon whether or not you are using a Windows or Mac system on your machine.
  • Twitter’s White Heart emoji is usually a solid white heart.
  • Facebook’s design is also often a solid white heart.
  • The White Heart emoji on Instagram often looks just like a basic, pure white heart.

Keyboard Shortcut to Add White Heart Emoji

If you’re working with the Windows operating system and are equipped with a numeric keypad, then you can simply insert a white heart by hitting “Alt+9825” but If you’re working with a Mac or your keyboard lacks a numeric keypad, then you can make use of the emoji keyboard and type in “white heart.”


Is the white heart emoji used differently in different cultures?

The white heart emoji is not specifically associated with the different cultures and beliefs. So, it is difficult to draw its relationship with any of the thriving cultures around the globe. However, as per certain news, it is known that the people of South Korea use the white heart emoji “🤍 as a symbol to celebrate their Annual White Day, which is celebrated the next day of Valentine’s Day. 

What is the difference between the white heart emoji and the regular red heart emoji?

The white heart emoji might not directly refer to the strong feeling of love and affection but it might be used often to denote the feelings of purity, peace, and affection. It is used to denote a peaceful environment and could also be used to say that a person is looking for a relationship devoid of fights and drama. However, the red heart emoji on the other hand is just a symbol of love.