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Updated On: 23rd December 2014

Lenovo Mobile Price List 2014

Lenovo K900
Rs. 22,990
Lenovo K900 32GB
Rs. 21,146
Lenovo Vibe Z K910
Rs. 20,490
Lenovo Vibe Z
Rs. 19,900
Lenovo P780 4GB
Rs. 18,024
Lenovo Vibe X
Rs. 16,999
Lenovo S860
Rs. 16,587
Lenovo P780
Rs. 16,500
Lenovo S560
Rs. 14,064
Lenovo S930
Rs. 13,988
Lenovo S850
Rs. 12,166
Lenovo S820
Rs. 12,077
Lenovo S920
Rs. 11,000
Lenovo P700i
Rs. 10,981
Lenovo K860
Rs. 9,699
Lenovo S890
Rs. 9,329
Lenovo S580
Rs. 8,999
Lenovo S720
Rs. 8,929
Lenovo S660
Rs. 8,836
Lenovo A859
Rs. 8,427
Lenovo S650
Rs. 8,171
Lenovo A850
Rs. 7,924
Lenovo A600E
Rs. 7,890
Lenovo S880
Rs. 7,759
Lenovo A536
Rs. 6,999
Lenovo A706
Rs. 6,789
Lenovo A800
Rs. 6,208
Lenovo A328
Rs. 6,000
Lenovo A516
Rs. 5,999
Lenovo A680
Rs. 5,559
Lenovo A319
Rs. 5,450
Lenovo RocStar
Rs. 5,416
Lenovo A526
Rs. 5,179
Lenovo A390
Rs. 4,690
Lenovo A690
Rs. 3,999
Lenovo A369i
Rs. 3,719
Lenovo A269i
Rs. 2,690

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  • Prices may vary from store to store and from place to place based on different tax rates.
  • Prices shown above are with bill and warranty.
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