AMD Ryzen 5000 Series CPUs Launched in India: Price, Specifications

The Zen 3-based CPUs are available now, starting at a price of Rs 22,990


AMD recently launched the Ryzen 5000 series of CPUs in the US, based on the new Zen 3 architecture. These chips now sit at the top of the market, beating Intel in every measurable area, most importantly single-threaded performance. The AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs have now launched in India. The US prices were announced at the US release of Ryzen 5000. AMD Ryzen 5000 series CPU India pricing and availability details are also out now.

AMD Ryzen 5000 series CPU India pricing starts at Rs 22,990. The company has revealed the suggested pricing for these new chips. These prices are tax-exclusive, as well, which means the final prices are going to be a bit higher. Let’s take a look.

AMD Ryzen 5000 Series CPU Specifications and India Price

AMD Ryzen 5000 prices in US

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X kicks off the Ryzen 5000 series. It’s a 6-core, 12-thread CPU. It has a base clock speed of 3.7 GHz, and a boost clock that goes up to 4.6 GHz. The TDP of this chip is 65W.

AMD has priced the Ryzen 5 5600X at USD 299 in the US. AMD Ryzen 5 5600X India price is Rs 22,990. The final price is likely to be around Rs 27,000, with the 18% GST factored in. This is the only Ryzen 5000 series CPU that will come with the Wraith Stealth cooler.

The AMD Ryzen 7 5800X is an 8-core, 16-thread CPU, with a base clock of 3.8 GHz, and a boost going to up to 4.7 GHz. It has a TDP of 105W. AMD has priced the Ryzen 7 5800X at USD 449 in the US, and Rs 34,490 in India, with the GST-inclusive price coming to around Rs 40,700.

The AMD Ryzen 9 5900X a 12-core, 24-thread chip. It has a base clock of 3.7 GHz, a boost of up to 4.8 GHz, and a TDP of 105W. The US pricing is USD 549. The AMD Ryzen 9 5900X India pricing is Rs 41,990, with the GST-inclusive pricing coming to around Rs 49,550.

Lastly, is the flagship AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, which has 16 cores and 32 threads. The base clock is at 3.4 GHz, and boost is up to 4.9 GHz. The TDP stays at 105W. AMD is selling this CPU for USD 799 in the US. In India, the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X costs Rs 60,990, and the GST-inclusive price tag will come to around Rs. 71,970.

AMD Ryzen 5000 Series CPU India Availability

AMD Ryzen 5000 Zen 3 logo

AMD says the Ryzen 5000 Series CPUs are available now. It might take a while for your preferred retailer to get the stocks, which are bound to be relatively lesser too. In any case, expect a bit of markup in the price due to the lower supply. If you’re looking to grab a CPU soon, make sure to time it well enough.

We also expect to get pricing and availability details about the AMD Radeon RX 6000 series Big Navi cards, soon.

Planning on grabbing an AMD Ryzen 5000 series CPU? Let us know, and stay tuned for more!