Android 12: These are the Quick Phrases You Can Use Bypassing ‘Hey Google’ Command

This new feature spotted on the latest Android 12 beta will allow you to skip the 'Hey Google' keyword and talk with your phone directly.

Google Assistant is arguably the best voice assistant on smartphones today. And, with a new update, the Google Assistant is about to get smarter with a new feature called “Quick Phrases”. This feature will also eliminate the use of the hot keyword “Hey Google”. Let’s take a look at the new Android 12 features that was spotted recently. 

Folks over at XDADevelopers spotted the new feature called the Quick Phrases on Pixel 3 XL running on the latest version of Android 12 beta and Google App version With the Quick Phrases feature enabled, you can bypass the ‘Hey Google’ command. Currently, the feature is available for two scenarios – to stop or snooze the alarm and to answer or reject the incoming call. Here is how the feature works. 

Android 12 Quick Phrases

Quick Phrases Feature on Android 12

The Quick Phrases features can be found on the Google Assistant settings page. Google Assistant will wait in standby mode to detect the voice commands once the feature is enabled. However, Google also prompts a warning note while enabling the feature on the device – “If you say ‘answer’ when you are not aware that the phone is ringing or if the phone is silent” in this scenario the call might be answered unintentionally. Also, since this works with voice, the phone might use someone else’s voice also to perform the task. 

Once this feature is enabled, Google Assistant will prompt a heads-up toast message whenever you get a call or alarm. To respond to the incoming call, you can say “Answer” to pick the call or say “Decline” to reject the call. Similarly, for alarms, you can say “stop” or “snooze”. 

Google announced Android 12 earlier this week, but the tech giant did not mention anything about this feature new feature. As said earlier, the features are right now available for the Google Pixel 3 XL device only. This might be one of the features that Google will roll out to all the devices in the near future with the Android 12 update. 

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