Apple Granted Patent for Colour-Changing Watch Band Controlled by an App

Apple has been granted a patent wherein the colour of the watch band with electrochromic elements can be changed.

  1. The Apple Watch colour-changing band will feature electrochromic elements.
  2. The Watch Band colours can be changed via an app.
  3. Although Apple has been granted the patent, it could be possible that the colour-changing band might not make it to the market.


The Apple Watch is known to offer support for several watch bands. Apple typically provides options between three to four different types of watch bands, such as Sports, Loop, Stainless steel, etc. The US tech giant might be working on making one more type of watch band available for consumers. Apple has reportedly been granted a patent that related to a colour-changing watch band. 

We have seen some Chinese smartphone players like OnePlus and Vivo — the latter offering a wide range of colour-changing back panel phones. However, it is perhaps the first time that we are hearing about a new colour-changing Watch band. Now, a new report has spotted Apple being granted a patent for the colour-changing watch band tech. Unlike Vivo, which requires sunlight or UV light for changing the back panel colour of the phones, Apple might use electrochromic elements, similar to OnePlus.

Apple Watch Colour-Changing Band Might be a Real Thing

Apple has been granted a patent wherein the colour of the watch band can be changed. The patent describes a band with electrochromic elements, that is a material that can change colour and opacity in response to small electric currents. If it rings any bells, OnePlus had a similar application for its Concept One, which resembled the OnePlus 7T Pro.

The Apple patent, spotted by Patently Apple (via), describes the band being able to display “icons, shapes, and text,” and using band colour changes to signify notifications. Images attached with the patent report show a watch strap with a three-stripe design. The patent stated that the colour of each stripe can be independently controlled through the Watch app.

Apple plans to use electrochromic elements to implement the process. “The patent that relates to a fabric Apple Watch band that includes an electrochromic feature allowing colour-adjustable elements that could change the colour scheme and design in 3 distinct band zones to give the watch band a customisable look unique to the user,” the patent report reads.

Users can also customise the colour of the band as per their preference. “Users may desire the ability to customise their watch bands to express variety and style. For example, a user may desire a watch band of a particular colour based on the user’s selection of clothing, other wearable articles, environment, or another preference,” the report further added.

With the ability to change the colour of the band through the app, users can customise and set a particular colour for different types of notifications. Of course, the band is unlikely to offer colour-changing support for thousands of shades. It could be the case where a particular colour-changing band that has electrochromic materials in it supports a range or specific shades of a few colours. It would still be a better option for those who currently have to change the band physically in order for the watch to match their outfit. 

Also worth noting that this is just a patent and Apple may or may not release the final product. Therefore, we advise not getting your hopes all high if you were looking to buy the colour-changing band. Even if it does become a reality, chances are that the colour-changing band will be far more expensive than the already available options.