Galaxy Note 9 smartphone could become more appealing to Samsung fans if this news about Galaxy Note 10 turns legit

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 may have a small but significant design change that would invariably boost the appeal from what we have witnessed in Galaxy Note 9.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been a true flagship Android smartphone. But rumors and reports about the next iteration in the Note Series have already begun to surface. If one such rumor is to be believed then the Galaxy Note 9 could be more appealing than its next version.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is still a long way off. But that hasn’t stopped numerous bits of information about the premium high-end Android smartphone from surfacing. We at MSP Gear have been earnestly following all the reports that claim to be about the Galaxy Note 10. The new report that has surfaced about the smartphone may not be so appealing to Samsung fans, and may just push the appeal of the currently available Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 To Drop An Important Port

A South Korean publication has claimed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, currently codenamed ‘Da Vinci’ will not have the humble but immensely practical 3.5mm headphone jack. In other words, buyers of the premium Android smartphone from Samsung will have to either rely on headphones that sport a USB Type-C port, or attach the USB Type-C to 3.55mm headphone jack or opt for a Bluetooth headphone.

The publication is reportedly relying on an insider who claimed Samsung could instead opt for a “signature adapter and USB-C combination that has become increasingly familiar on Android devices”. Incidentally there’s no reasonable explanation behind the alleged removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack. However, it is quite likely Samsung is merely following the footsteps of other big brands and smartphone makers like Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, and several others.

Popular Smartphone Companies Ditching The Headphone Jack

Popular smartphone companies have been steadily eliminating the 3.5mm headphone jack from their devices for quite some time now. Interestingly, the commonly claimed reasoning behind the design choice is the addition of new features. Chinese smartphone company OnePlus is the latest one to have made the decision to ditch the jack in its upcoming OnePlus 6T smartphone. Buyers will have to rely on the USB Type-C port for all the charging, data and audio transfer needs.

Speaking about the decision, OnePlus co-founder, Carl Pei said, “It was a very controversial decision. We’re not doing it for the sake of doing it and because everyone else is. We believe now is the right time, as it’ll benefit the majority of our users while keeping the downside low. We knew this was an option for a very long time [but] we were just waiting for the right time. By removing the jack we’ve freed up more space, allowing us to put more new technology into the product. One of the big things is something our users have asked us for, improved battery life.”

Galaxy Note 9 Cloud Silver Midnight Black

So according to OnePlus, removing the jack makes space for more hardware and more specifically, better battery life. Strangely, the elimination of the jack hasn’t particularly improved battery life most any of the smartphones that do not have the jack. In fact, several new smartphones that are launching, have rather small batteries in them. Some of the largest batteries max out at around the 4,000mAh mark.

Interestingly, almost all smartphones that have a big battery, also have the 3.5mm headphone jack. In simple words, if there’s a strong and convincing upside to removing the jack, it is yet to be clearly visible. Moreover, buyers now have to either rely on an adapter or buy headphones with a USB Type-C Port or get Bluetooth headphones which cost way more than standard wired headphones. Needless to mention, the deign choice significantly restricts the freedom of buyers, and forces them to adapt.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Is The Last Samsung Device To Feature The Headphone Jack?

Interestingly, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is not the last flagship smartphone from Samsung to ditch the headphone jack. If the report about the Galaxy Note 10 turns out to be accurate, then the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 will be the last flagship from the South Korean firm to feature the jack. The Galaxy S10 could launch at the start of the next year. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note 10 could arrive in the second half of 2019.