Indus Battle Royale Extended Trailer Unveils New Grudge System

  • Indus Battle Royale introduces a new “Grudge System” allowing defeated players to seek revenge against their opponents in future matches.
  • The recently released extended trailer showcases the game in six languages (Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, English, Hindi).

Earlier this month, SuperGaming, the Pune-based developer behind Indus Battle Royale, announced Indus Closed Beta with a trailer. The company has now launched an extended trailer cut in six languages. This trailer has also revealed a new feature called the Grudge system, further fueling fans’ expectations.

Unlike the usual last-man-standing mechanism used in other BR games, the previous trailer unveiled a new victory method. However, this new Grudge mechanism has made the game sounds even more appealing, adding hype to the much-anticipated Made-in-India Battle Royale game.

Indus Battle Royale Grudge System: What is it?

indus battle royale
Image via SuperGaming

This new Grudge system will be available when one is defeated while playing a match. It allows defeated players to hold grudges against their eliminators. The Grudge System guarantees players will be matched against their previous eliminator, promising the chance for revenge.

Defeating them will earn exciting rewards, including cosmetics and other in-game goodies. This personalized competition adds a fresh layer of excitement and strategy to the battle royale experience.

It should be noted that Indus Battle Royale is still in the development phase. The exact details, features and other gameplay mechanics are subject to change before the full launch.

The new extended trailer featuring the Grudge mechanism has been released in six languages: Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, English, and Hindi.

The Cosmium win condition, and this new Grudge system offer a fresh take on the battle royale formula, potentially attracting players seeking a more personalized and strategic experience.

If users wish to participate in the Indus Beta test, they will require a beta key, which is given upon joining the Indus Beta program.

Signing up for the program on the official website adds users to the waitlist. If selected by the developers, they will receive a key to redeem for access. Beta participants also receive exclusive in-game rewards.

Indus Royale: What is The Game All About?

Indus Battle Royale is a made-in-India game with an “Indo-Futuristic” setting. Virlok, Indus’ island map, blends futuristic technology with vibrant, Indian-inspired landscapes. The game features numerous playable characters (Mythwalkers) with unique abilities and powers, including Heena Sidhu and Techno Gamerz. The game will soon be released on PC, mobile, and consoles.

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