This Huawei Detachable Laptop Could be Converted as Tablet Suggests WIPO Patent Listing

Here is how the upcoming Huawei detachable might look like.


Chinese electronics giant maker is a familiar face when it comes to laptops as well. The company’s portfolio consists of the MateBook X series, MateBook series, MateBook E series, MateBook D series, and other Business laptops. Back in November 2021, the brand announced Huawei MateBook E with a detachable keyboard. Now, it looks like the company is preparing to launch a new type of detachable laptop.

Huawei’s detachable laptop has been spotted on the WIPO website. For those who are not aware, WIPO stands for World Intellectual Property Organisation and this is a patent website. The WIPO website has given us some information about the device along with some images as well.

Huawei Detachable Laptop Spotted on Patent Website

The WIPO patent website suggests this will be a detachable electronic device. The device is said to have two parts with the first part being the docking structure and the second one being the screen of the device based on the document. Looking at the images, we can say that this will be a laptop. Part number 14 (see below image) seems to be the display of the laptop while part 12 and 16 seems to be attachments.

From the image, it looks like the detachable laptop could come with magnetic mechanics and it also suggests that like we’ve seen on some Asus laptops, the upcoming Huawei laptop might come with a secondary display below the main screen. The secondary screen (part 12) will sit in between the main screen (part 14) and what looks to be the area for the keyboard (part 16). Further, the doc also suggests combining part 14 and part 12 will give a tablet experience and combining part 14 and 16 will give a single screen notebook experience. This is a speculation based on the images and documents we have obtained from the WIPO site and the final product might not have a secondary display. So, it is better to take the second display part with a grain of salt.

Further, the document also mentions the display and the system parts can be connected and detached. If the system part is connected to the display, it will offer a full notebook experience or a user can also use the display independently, just like a tablet. This could mean that the device will come with a touch screen display.