India Smartphone Market Sees Double Digit Growth, Poco Replaces OnePlus to Become Number 6 Android Phone Brand: IDC


According to the latest report from International Data Corporation (IDC), Poco has risen to the sixth position among Android smartphone makers, edging out rival OnePlus. The details come as part of IDC’s First Quarter 2024 report on the Indian smartphone market, which saw double-digit growth at 11.5 per cent.

Overall, Poco ranked seventh among Indian smartphone vendors with an impressive market share of 5.9 per cent. Poco's growth in the market is largely due to its strategy of targeting the Gen Z demographic with a range of options across price points.

Poco's X6 series and POCO C61, in particular, have seen success and helped boost the brand's market share. According to IDC's data, Poco also saw significant success in the entry-level (sub-US$100) segment. While Xiaomi continues to lead this space, Poco is second here, followed by itel.

IDC data also shows that shipments to online channels grew by 16 per cent YoY, and its share increased to 51 per cent in the quarter. IDC notes, “Poco, vivo and Motorola registered more than 65 per cent YoY shipment growth in the online channel."

The final list of top smartphone vendors can be seen in the table below. Vivo is at the top, followed by Samsung and Xiaomi.

Brands  1Q23 Market Share  1Q24 Market Share  Year-Over-Year Change 
1 vivo  15.4 % 16.2% 17.2%
2 Samsung  20.1% 15.6% -13.3%
3 Xiaomi  12.6% 12.8% 13.3%
4 OPPO  11.6% 10.2% -1.8%
5 realme  9.3% 9.8% 17.3%
6 Apple  6.8% 7.3% 19.0%
7 Poco  3.8% 5.9% 72.2%
8 OnePlus  6.0% 5.1% -5.4%
9 Motorola  2.4% 4.6% 110.0%
10 Tecno  3.4% 2.9% -5.7%
Others  8.6% 9.6% 25.5%
Total  100 % 100% 11.5%

Interestingly, Apple is number six in India’s overall list of smartphone vendors, with a 7.3 per cent market share. According to IDC, Apple is currently dominating the super-premium segment (US$800+), which also saw the highest growth in the market.

The other market price segment that saw growth was the mass budget ( phone priced US$100 but under US$200), which grew by 22% YoY, reaching 48% per market share.

Vivo, Xiaomi and Samsung were the top three brands in this segment. Meanwhile, in the entry-premium segment (US$200<US$400), OPPO and realme gained a significant share, according to the report.

The mid-premium segment (US$400<US$600) declined by 46 per cent, notes IDC. However, OnePlus continues to lead this particular segment, followed by vivo and Oppo.

Overall, though, Poco is among the two vendors with impressive YoY growth at 72 per cent. Motorola is the only other vendor with higher growth than Poco, with 110 per cent growth.