Man Orders iPhone 15 Pro From Apple Website But Apparently Receives Android Clone Instead

As soon as the iPhone 15 Pro box was opened, the man knew something was off.

  • The iPhone 15 Pro order was placed through the Apple UK website.
  • The Reddit user received all the confirmation emails and tracking details from Apple.
  • The Android clone had a poor setup process and pre-installed apps like Facebook and TikTok.

It is not uncommon for online shoppers to receive something completely different from what they ordered. This usually happens when shopping is done through third-party websites which is the reason many prefer placing orders directly via official websites. One Reddit user from the United Kingdom did the same when he ordered an iPhone 15 Pro directly from the Apple website. However, things took an unexpected turn once he received the package and opened it.

iPhone 15 Pro Android Clone Received by Customer

A Reddit user theEdmard has shared his nightmarish online shopping experience with the world on the r/apple subreddit. The user says he placed an order for the iPhone 15 Pro directly through the Apple UK website. He received all the order confirmation emails and tracking details but he was in for a nasty surprise once he opened the retail box after delivery.

The iPhone 15 Pro retail packaging looked real with no clear signs of a copy. Once he took out the iPhone, the first thing he noticed right away was the pre-installed screen protector. This is what got him suspicious in the first place and as he proceeded to set up the device, he came across more clues that made it clear he was actually holding a cheap Android clone.

The user says he felt the display was not right once he turned on the device. It lit up the black area in a way that he knew it was not an OLED panel. The bottom of the device has a chin as compared to be uniform and slim bezels on all four sides of the new iPhone models. The whole phone setup experience was also poor and there were pre-installed apps like Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.

The operating system felt “glitchy and horrible” and using the camera was like a slideshow. In fact, the camera app crashed whenever he tried to interact with any of the options. Overall, it was just an Android UI skin that mimicked the appearance of an iOS. Moreover, the clone itself was a used one as shown by the battery settings of the device.

The user first thought it must have been the delivery guy who swapped the original iPhone with an Android clone. He got in touch with the delivery partner i.e. DPD but they assured him that is not the case. They said, “The box was sealed properly and so it was never opened or tampered with.”

What makes this case even more fascinating is that the delivery package has the same tracking number as the one shared by Apple. The user is currently in touch with Apple and is hoping to make sense of where things went wrong. However, a quick Google search will tell you this is not the first time such a thing has happened and it is certainly not the last either.