Jio Cinema Plans 2023: Free vs Premium Subscription Plans in India, Price, How to Subscribe, Shows to Watch, and More

Want to know everything about JioCinema in India? Explore the article below.

  • No login is required for JioCinema’s free plan.
  • JioCinema premium plan starts at Rs 999/-.
  • Ad free experience in the premium plan

Jio Cinema is a freemium video streaming service. Here, freemium means that it can be experienced in both the free tier and the premium tier. In the free tier, a user can experience a streaming experience of up to 1080p (including ads). Whereas in the premium tier, users can experience an ad-free 4K resolution streaming on select titles.

Also, after paying for a premium subscription, users can enjoy ultra-HD content, including exclusive premieres, an original catalogue of classic shows, and much more. So, keep reading till the end to know about premium subscription prices in India, features, how to subscribe, shows to watch, and more.

Jio Cinema Plans in India: Free Plan and Premium Plan

The Jio Cinema currently offers two plans in India. One is free and another is the premium plan. Here are the details:

Plan Price Benefits
Free NA
  • No login required
  • Access to all channels including, Hindi, regional movies, and TV shows
  • Full of ads
  • Free TATA IPL live streaming
Premium Rs  999/-
  • 12 months validity
  • Highest audio and video quality
  • Streaming on up to  4 devices simultaneously
  • You can watch it on any device
  • Ad free experience
  • Availability of HBO and Peacock Studios’ exclusive content
  • Free TATA IPL live streaming

Jio Cinema Free Plan

The free membership is available for all users across the country. You can enjoy the streaming of pretty much everything such as Hindi, regional movies, TV shows, and live matches of TATA IPL excluding, international shows and movies of HBO and Warner Bros. The only major downside is ad filled experience. Although, you can enjoy this plan across devices such as smartphones, laptops, and TV, without the need for login.

Jio Cinema Premium Plan

The premium plan of Jio Cinema starts from Rs 999 a year. It offers a high-quality audio and video streaming service without ads. With the capability of streaming on 4 devices simultaneously, you can enjoy almost every movie or TV show including exclusive HBO and WB shows and movies. Live matches of TATA IPL will also be there. Similar to the free plan, you can watch it on any device.

How to Subscribe and Activate to Jio Cinema Premium  Plan

  • First, visit the official JioCinema website or app on your device. One UI Home
  • Then, on the top, tap on Subscribe option. JioCinema Subscribe
  • You’ll be presented with the subscription page, where you’ll see the Rs 999/- plan.
  • Click on the Continue & Pay Rs 999/- button below. JioCinema premium membership
  • Enter your phone number and press continue. JioCinema enter phone number
  • Choose the payment method and fill in the required details related to debit/credit cards or UPI.
  • Once paid, your premium membership will be activated.

Best Shows and Web Series with JioCinema Premium

JioCinema offers some great movies and TV shows in its free plan. But, in its premium subscription-based plan, you can enjoy movies and TV shows from HBO and WB, that too without ads.

Movies/Shows IMDB Rating
Chernobyl 9.4
Game of Thrones 9.2
The Last of Us 8.8
House of the Dragon 8.5
Barry 8.4
Westworld 8.5
Newsroom 8.6
Curb Your Enthusiasm 8.8
Entourage 8.5
Perry Mason 7.6
True Detective 8.9
Silicon Valley 8.5
Big Little Lies 8.5
Winning Time 8.3
White House Plumbers 6.7
White Lotus 7.9
Mare of Easttown 8.4
Succession 8.8
Wonder Woman 7.4
Batman v Superman 6.4
Justice League 6.1
Joker 8.4
Harry Potter series 7.6
Batman Begins 8.2
Fantastic Beasts series 7.2
The Dark Knight Rises 8.4

JioCinema Key Features

JioCinema offers many features. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Download – It is one of the best features on JioCinema. With this, you can download movies and TV shows to watch offline.
  2. Voice Search – To make navigation easy, voice search allows the user to search for movies, TV shows, and actors using voice commands.
  3. Auto Play – Once you’re done with a movie or an episode of a tv series, the next episode will automatically start playing.
  4. Ad-free – In the premium subscription, you’ll get an ad-free user experience.
  5. Vast library – The JioCinema has a vast library of TV shows and movies pertaining to the shows from HBO and WB.
  6. Watch List –You can easily create a watch list of movies and tv shows to find them later.


Is JioCinema free for Jio users?

Yes, JioCinema is free for Jio users. Although, it also offers a premium subscription of Rs 999.

Does JioCinema have a monthly subscription?

At the moment, JioCinema doesn’t offer any monthly subscriptions.

Is JioCinema app free for TV?

Yes, JioCinema is a freemium app. So, it can be watched on TV for free.

How do I download shows and movies on JioCinema?

To download shows and movies:

  • Click on any content image you wish to download.
  • Tap on the download icon present below the video player.
  • You can view the status of your downloaded content in the My Downloads section present in the left Hamburger section.
  • To find any content to download, click on the Available for Download section from the left hamburger menu.

How do I cancel my JioCinema subscription?

To cancel the JioCinema subscription,

  1. Navigate towards the Jio Cinema app and login with your credentials.
  2. Click on the More option and there, tap Delete Account.
  3. You will be asked to enter your working email address linked to the account.
  4. After reading all the notes, tap on the Continue button to process the cancellation.

How often are new movies and shows added to JioCinema?

They keep adding new movies and tv shows. To check, keep visiting the app.

Is there a free trial period for JioCinema Plans?

Yes, JioCinema offers a 7-day free trial plan to its users.