JioCinema Continues To Show Banner Ads in Ad-Free Plans, Users Complain

  • JioCinema’s ad-free plans might still have some ads in certain places.
  • Many viewers are unhappy with the same and have criticized the OTT platform for not offering a true ad-free experience.

JioCinema has just released its ad-free Premium plans, which were highly requested by its viewers. The OTT platform has launched two plans worth Rs 29 and Rs 89, promising an ad-free streaming experience for movies and web series. However, several users have complained that JioCinema’s ad-free plans are not really ad-free, and the platform continues showing banner ads in some places.

JioCinema says its ad-free premium plan removes ads from movies, TV shows, web series, and other regular content. The platform also mentions that viewers will continue to see ads in sports and Live TV streaming.

However, JioCinema has not disclosed that the ad-free plan only removes video ads that appear while streaming.

jiocinema ad free plan
Official help section of JioCinema

A deeper dive into JioCinema’s help section reveals that paid plan subscribers will continue to see banner advertisements in the app. These ads are mainly seen on the app homepage and sometimes in other sections.

X (formerly Twitter) user Gaurav Rathod complained about the same, saying he would still see banner ads in the JioCinema app after getting the ad-free plan. He expressed frustration by calling JioCinema’s ad-free plan misleading, as the platform does not disclose this while subscribing.

Although Jio mentions the presence of these banner ads in its help section, it would have been better if the platform conveyed the same information on the subscription page. Currently, the promotional banners of JioCinema’s ad-free plans only mention sports and Live TV ads, whereas in-app banner ads are not mentioned clearly. You should note this if you plan to get JioCinema’s ad-free plan.

JioCinema’s ad-free plans are priced at Rs 29/month for one device and Rs 89/month for the family plan that can be used on four devices. These introductory rates will increase to Rs 59/month and Rs 149/month after the first month.