Noida Thief Snatches Phone From Metro Traveler, You Won’t Guess What Happened Next

It is very rare for a ‘thief snatches phone’ story to end with brand preferences, but hey, there’s always a first time for everything, innit?

OnePlus 9 Pro 10

Ever thought at length about what happens right after a person is mugged off their phone, in public transit? In your average ‘thief snatches phone’ scenario, the said thief would snatch the phone from your hand and run (or bike) away as fast as they could, with you yelling behind them to attract attention of those around. In the rare event that you do manage to track the thief down, the situation can be a total fiasco. In a recent incident, though, the exchange between the purported thief and the owner of the phone was, to put it mildly, amicable and yet bizarre.

What could have ended up as yet another thief snatches phone police report, has instead turned into a viral tweet because of the sheer, befuddling nature of it. As it so happens, senior legal journalist Debayan Roy was texting on his Samsung Galaxy S10+, when his metro rake pulled in to the Noida Sector 52 station. It is at this opportune moment that an individual wearing a black mask snatched the phone from his hand, and made a dash for the station exit – with Roy hot on his heels.

Here is where comes the twist – while most thieves would be rather pleased with stealing a premium smartphone such as the Galaxy S10+, this individual wasn’t. After a rather short-lived chase, the thief himself turned around, ran back towards Roy, and told him, “Bhai mujhe laga OnePlus 9 Pro model hai.” (“Man, I thought you were using the new OnePlus 9 Pro”). Not only did the said thief express his disappointment at Roy not having upgraded his phone to the newly launched OnePlus flagship, he even proceeded to drop the stolen phone back to its owner, and promptly disappeared into the crowd.

Whether this reflects the on-ground demand for the shiny new OnePlus flagship would probably remain inconclusive (we’ll need at least a few more thieves to express their disappointment to believe this), but one thing’s for sure – this would certainly go down as one of the most unique ‘thief snatches phone’ incidents that you’d ever come across. Ever since being shared on Twitter, Roy’s post has gotten close to 500 retweets and over 3,000 likes, showing the kind of incredulity that the incident has generated.

On a related note, everyone looking to purchase the OnePlus 9 Pro should remain doubly careful after making the purchase. The latter is clearly in considerably high demand, to a point where thieves are even returning any other phone that they are stumbling upon. As general caution, it would be prudent to not use your phone when in public transit, no matter which smartphone you’re using right now.

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