POCO F1 Gets Android Security Patch Via Google Play System Update Like the Pixel Phones


The POCO F1 smartphone is getting a new software update. However, this firmware update is quite different from the updates we’ve seen on Android smartphones so far. For starters, the update size is only 6.3kB. Yup, you have read it right. The update weighs just 6.3 kilobytes. And the second weird thing is that the Google Play is offering the system update, instead of the operating system. Before we discuss Google Play initiating firmware update, I should tell you that the update doesn’t offer any significant changes, and the changelog mentions that it is just a security patch for the month of February. Currently, there is no information about the regions that are getting this update.

POCO F1 software update (04-02-2020) (February security patch)

Image source – Reddit

Coming back to Google Play initiating system updates, Google had introduced a feature with Android 10, where manufacturers can push software upgrades through Google Play. And the Pixel phones are already receiving system updates through this method. The actual benefits of initiating updates through Google Play are still unknown. That being said, reports online suggest that this will allow manufacturers to push updates in an easier manner, and will make the updating process more streamlined. Since the POCO F1 already runs on Android 10, it looks like POCO is taking advantage of Android 10’s new system update feature.

Since the launch of the POCO F1, the brand has pushed two major OS Android version updates to the device. And that’s impressive, in my opinion, since most brands offer only a single Android version upgrade to their handsets. Anyway, the POCO F1 will most probably not get any Android version upgrades from here on, since it had already received two major OS upgrades. And speaking of POCO, the brand has launched the POCO X2 smartphones in the Indian market today. It is a rebranded Redmi K30 with liquid cooling. To read more about it, check out our launch article of the POCO X2. Also, don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel, where we bring your smartphone reviews, comparisons, and more.

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