Realme UI 5.0 Based on Android 14 Now Available for Realme GT Neo 3 and GT Neo 3 150W Under Early Access

Realme caresses its flagships from 2022 under its 3 year update cycle

  • Beta testing for Realme UI 5.0 has been started.
  • The Realme GT NEO 3 and GT NEO 3 150W are the latest devices to get early access to the latest software version.
  • The update will bring new features such as improved privacy permissions and smoother animations.

A few weeks back, Realme shared the timeline for the rollout of Realme UI 5.0 along with a list of eligible devices. The company has already started the beta testing of its latest UI version. The update will be based on Android 14.

Realme has now started the early access program of Realme UI 5.0 for the Realme GT NEO 3, and the Realme GT NEO 3 150W Edition. Users can register for the beta program to get a taste of Realme’s upcoming UI on their devices. Here’s everything that you should know about having Realme UI 5.0 on your Realme GT NEO 3, and NEO 3 150W.

Realme UI 5.0 Early Access Now Available For Realme GT NEO 3/NEO 3 150W

Realme has started the beta program of Realme UI 5.0 for its two prominent flagships from 2022. The update will be based on Android 14 and will bring in multiple new features. The highlight of the update will be improved privacy, with Android 14’s permission management system for photo and video access.

The company also says that Realme UI 5.0 will have smoother animations. The launch speed of individual apps is expected to improve, with better responsiveness. It will also include support for new apps in App Cloner, and have a new design in various small elements of the phone’s software.

However, Realme has also warned users about some potential bugs with the early access program. As per the official notes, features like Glance on Lockscreen and floating windows are unavailable with the beta update. The company says that these issues will be fixed with further updates.

How to Install Realme UI 5.0 on Realme GT Neo 3/GT Neo 3 150W

Here are some prerequisites for installing Realme UI 5.0 on your Realme GT NEO 3 and Realme GT NEO 3 150W.

Ensure that your device is on the latest stable version of Realme UI 4.0. The exact version numbers are mentioned below:

Realme GT NEO 3:

RMX3561_13.1.0.720(EX01) or RMX3561_13.1.0.730(EX01)

Realme GT NEO 3 150W:

RMX3563_13.1.0.720(EX01) or RMX3563_13.1.0.730(EX01)

Here are the steps to enrol in the early access program of Realme UI 5.0.

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone.
  2. Enable Developer Options. You can do this by going to About Device > Version > Version Number > Tap on Version Number 7 times.
  3. Now go to the ‘About device’ section, Tap on the Realme UI 4.0 banner, and then open the three-dots menu.
  4. Select ‘Early Access’ and then tap on the ‘Apply Now’ button.
  5. Your application for the early access program of Realme UI 5.0 will be submitted.

realme ui 5.0 early access

If you are selected for the program, you will then get an option to update to the Realme UI 5.0 beta version on your phone. Note that the number of seats for beta testing is very limited, and hence interested users should enroll for the program as early as possible.

Realme also says that the beta version could be unstable in some aspects, and may contain bugs. Beta users are requested to cooperate and report these bugs to the company using the on-device bug report option.

Realme also lets users leave the beta program, and roll back to the previous stable version. The user will have to manually download the software package for their respective device, and install the stable version on their phone.

However, rolling back to the stable version will result in a factory reset, and the entire data on the user’s device will get erased. The user also will not be able to re-enroll in the early access program.

Here are the download links for rollback packages.

Realme GT NEO 3: RMX3561_13.1.0.611(EX01)

Realme GT NEO 3 150W: RMX3563_13.1.0.611(EX01)

Realme will soon open the early access program for other devices. The stable rollout of Realme UI 5.0 is expected in Q2 2024 for the Realme GT NEO 3, and the Realme GT NEO 150W.