World’s Most Expensive Phones: Top 10 World’s Most Expensive Smartphones in 2023

In world full of glass slab smartphones there are few that sets themselves apart from rest in design and in price as well and there are top 10 of those that are crazy expensive and build different (Quite literally).


Smartphones these days are already getting more and more expensive. Yet some people crave more, who crave something extraordinary and for those, there are custom phones out in the market.

These smartphones are for people who want to distinguish their identity from the masses. These custom phones are built with all sorts of earthly materials like gold, platinum, and of course the epitome of luxury diamonds. Let’s take a look at these custom-made phones that are sure to put the masses in awe the moment you get them out.

Most Expensive Phones in The World

Name Phone Model Price
Caviar Snowflake iPhone 14/15 Pro/Max Rs 4.6 Crore
Caviar Daytona iPhone 14/15 Pro/Max Rs 1.3 Crore
Caviar Pure Gold  Samsung Galaxy S23/S23 Ultra Rs 57 Lakh
Caviar Megalodon Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Rs 7.7 Lakh
Caviar Big Boss Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Rs 7.3 Lakh
Caviar Catrina Calavera Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Rs 36.8 Lakh
Caviar Parade Of the Planets 18K iPhone 14/15 Pro/Max Rs 64.7 Lakh
Caviar Falcon Gold iPhone 14/15 Pro/Max Rs 54.1 Lakh
Caviar Solid Gold Unique iPhone 14/15 Pro/Max Rs 52.3 Lakh
Caviar Jobs 4 Full Gold iPhone 14/15 Pro/Max Rs 44 Lakh

Caviar Snowflake

Custom iPhone 14/15 Pro/Max Diamond Snowflake
Image Credit: Caviar

The Snowflake edition from Caviar the custom phone manufacturer currently holds the crown of the world’s most expensive latest generation iPhone. This edition is currently available with iPhone 14 Pro/Max and is available in multiple memory variants.

You can get the iPhone 14 version of this edition or you can also opt for the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max series as well. This iPhone is made from 18K white gold body chassis and has a total of 570 pieces of Earth’s most expensive stone. Yes, the Snowflake edition has, as the name suggests a snowflake graff neckless constructed in the back in the place of the Apple logo.

The Snowflake Graff Neckless is entirely made of pure diamonds. The same Graff diamonds are embedded in the back panel throughout. There will be only three of these iPhones ever of this edition so if you want to get one now is the right time.

Pricing and Availability:
The Limited edition Snowflake iPhone is available to buy at Caviar’s website for $5,36,710 (Rs 4,44,54,079.17).

Caviar Daytona

Custom iPhone 14/15 Pro/Max Daytona
Image Credit: Caviar

The bespoke iPhone Daytona Edition is the ultimate of elegance and ingenuity, standing as a masterpiece with unrivalled extravagance. It has an iconic Rolex Cosmograph Daytona dial, capturing the essence of ageless elegance, and is a synthesis of horology and technology.

The back dial is constructed from 18K yellow gold and boasts scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and a black monobloc Cerachrom bezel with a tachymetric scale. The design pays homage to Malcolm Campbell’s famous Blue Bird supercar, bringing the spirit of speed and success into every element of an iPhone. The dashboard dials are embellished with jewellery enamel and coated in 24K gold, inspiring nostalgia while embracing extravagance. Its multi-level titanium body, which is finished with Rolex’s distinctive black PVD, embodies a seamless marriage of strength and style. This masterpiece is a limited edition and is the only 3 ever crafted.

Pricing and Availability:
The limited edition Dayton iPhone 14/15 Pro or Pro Max are available for grabs on Caviar’s website at $1,60,710 (Rs. 1,33,09,057.58).

Caviar Pure Gold

Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+/Ultra Pure Gold
Image Credit: Caviar

This limited edition Caviar Pure Gold Phone is based on a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone. It has a body and frames made of 18K Gold and has 8 natural diamonds embedded into it. There are only 23 pieces ever made which can be ordered on Caviar’s website. This custom-made pure Gold Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23 Ultra also boasts a custom engraving on its back making it a piece of fashion statement. In its engraving on its back, it also has a Caviar’s logo making sure whoever sees it knows its value and authenticity with just a glance, This Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23 Ulta make a perfect phone for someone who wants to stay in Android Realm with having a statement to make and this phone makes sure to fulfill its purpose loud and clear. 

Pricing and Availability:
The Pure Gold Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23 Ultrea are available on Caviar’s website at $68,860 (₹56,93,964.54).

Caviar Megalodon

Galaxy Z Fold5 Megalodon
Image Credit: Caviar

For Business sharks who want to enter the domain of dominion with the Caviar Galaxy Z Fold 5 Megalodon, a power manifestation inspired by the world’s mightiest ancient predator. This robust masterwork, designed for the most tenacious corporate giants, epitomizes unbreakable strength.

It flourishes in the face of adversity because it is encased in lightweight, laser-blackened titanium. The design honours the megalodon, which is carved as a symbol of primeval sovereignty. The guilloche design, which resembles ocean waves, adds a touch of the wild sea to the titanium surface. Each unit is ornamented with an engraved megalodon tooth piece, infusing a sense of ancient expertise and resilience. 

Pricing and Availability:

The Megalodon Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is available on Caviar’s Website at $9,340 (Rs 7,79,521.52).

Caviar Big Boss

Galaxy Z Fold5 Big Boss
Image Credit: Caviar

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Big Boss Edition is a declaration of dominance inspired by the great white shark. Its carved representation of this apex predator emphasizes your imposing presence.

The large screen, along with a tough titanium body, establishes your authority in the business world. The device’s strength is only matched by its style, which is made of lightweight titanium with laser blackening.

Surface guilloche patterns inspired by ocean waves intensify the sense of command. The design’s representation of the great white shark, the world’s largest predatory shark, conveys absolute authority. This edition is limited to only 99 units.

Pricing and Availability:
The Caviar Big Boss edition Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is available to buy at Caviar’s Website at $8,910 (Rs 7,36,589.70).

Caviar Catrina Calavera

Samsung Z-Fold3/Z-Flip3 Catrina Calavera
Image Credit: Caviar

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Catrina Calavera combines cutting-edge technology with aesthetic creativity. The Skull capsule collection’s foldable smartphone combines Samsung’s tech with the powerful iconography of the nineteenth century.

The design, which features an exceptional 18K white gold skull decorated with emeralds, rubies, and sapphires, is a monument to daring. Roses elegantly engraved on a robust composite material and a titanium body highlighted with 18K gold inlays add to its one-of-a-kind appeal.

The Catrina Calavera, limited to only 20 pieces, celebrates the auspiciousness of the number in Mayan culture by combining excellent craftsmanship with technical wonder, delivering an unparalleled experience.

Pricing and Availability:
The Caviar Catrina Calavera Galaxy Z Flip 3 is available to buy from Caviar’s website at $44,500 (Rs. 36,79,571.50)

Caviar Parade Of the Planets 18K

Custom iPhone 14/15 Pro/Max Parade of the Planets 18K
Image Credit: Caviar

The Caviar iPhone 14/15 Pro/Max Parade of the Planets Golden captures cosmic awe in a revolutionary design. Its black panel, made of the same titanium used in spaceship production, has a stylized celestial procession from Mercury to Saturn, as well as a centre Earth emblem with an integrated tourbillon timepiece.

Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn form a triad with exquisite meteorites from other worlds. This special model combines technology and artwork to represent space exploration. Its back is adorned with a tourbillon movement, a golden sand hourglass, and Einstein’s insightful remarks.

Meteorites from Mars and the Moon are incorporated alongside Einstein’s cosmic perspective. This masterwork represents humanity’s eternal curiosity about the universe, with only 8 pieces in existence, replicating the planets in our solar system.

Pricing and Availability:
The Caviar Parade Of the Planets 18K iPhones are available to buy from Caviar’s website at $78,210 (Rs. 64,69,140.15)

Caviar Falcon Gold

Custom iPhone 14/15 Pro/Max Falcon Gold
Image Credit: Caviar

The Caviar Falcon Gold iPhone 14/15 Pro/Max is the pinnacle of Dubai’s magnificence. This masterpiece, made of 18K yellow gold and set with 21 glittering diamonds, is a monument to the city’s architectural wonders and opulence.

The delicate combination of fine lines and geometric patterns in the design pays respect to Dubai’s distinctive architecture, while the focal Eye of Fatima, adorned with diamonds and enamel, embodies elegance. The Falcon Gold is more than a smartphone; it’s a work of art that captures the enchantment of Dubai.

Its black titanium shell, which is coated with the same PVD seen in Swiss timepieces, provides longevity, while the limited edition of just 7 phones adds a sense of exclusivity. This magnificent artwork epitomizes Dubai’s splendour, harmonizing opulent design.

Pricing and Availability:

The Caviar Falcon Gold iPhones are available for the grab on Caviar’s website at $65,360 (Rs. 54,05,925.60)

Caviar Solid Gold Unique

Custom iPhone 14/15 Pro/Max Solid Gold Unique
Image Credit: Caviar

The Caviar iPhone 14/15 Pro/Max Victory Solid Gold is the pinnacle of elegance. This limited-edition masterpiece is made of 18-carat gold and embellished with diamonds. Intricate engravings in the Baroque style and gleaming diamonds elevate it to a sign of great rank and style, embodying ultimate luxury for people who value the finest.

This phone is a statement of exclusivity, with only 7 units available. Its exquisite gold construction, diamond accents, and creative engravings demonstrate precise craftsmanship, and its hefty weight adds to its charm. The Caviar iPhone 14 Pro Victory Solid Gold is the peak of luxury, embodied in every detail with grandeur and refinement.

Pricing and Availability:
The Caviar Solid Gold Unique iPhone 14/15 Pro/Max is available at Caviar’s Website at $63,210 (Rs. 52,29,047.25)

Caviar Jobs 4 Full Gold

Custom iPhone 14/15 Pro/Max Jobs 4 Full Gold
Image Credit: Caviar

Celebrate Steve Jobs’ heritage with the Caviar iPhone 14/15 Pro/Max Jobs 4 Full Gold, a limited-edition tribute to his landmark iPhone 4 presentation in 2010. The phone is made of 18K gold and contains Jobs’ original autograph, marking his farewell keynote. The pièce de résistance is a piece of his trademark turtleneck encased within an 18K gold apple, a real memento encapsulating his ingenuity.

The design, which is similar to the iPhone 4, incorporates an 18K gold Apple logo, combining classic appeal with grandeur. This masterwork, limited to only ten pieces, embodies the spirit of a visionary. The Caviar iPhone 14 Pro Jobs 4 Full Gold embodies the spirit of the invention, making it a prized possession for individuals who value brilliance.

Pricing and Availability:

The Caviar Jobs 4 Full Gold iPhones are available on the Caviar’s website at $53,210 (Rs. 44,01,664.22).