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Infocus Vision 3 Price in India
Updated On: 24th October 2021

Infocus Vision 3

7.8 Expert Score 3.8 14000 Ratings Official Website
The InFocus Vision 3 is a budget handset from U.S. based phone maker InFocus. The Vision 3 gets a 5.7-inch HD+ display with a resolution of 1440 x 720 pixels. The phone is powered by the MediaTek MTK6737H SoC. It gets 2GB of RAM and 16BB of internal storage space that you can expand using a microSD card. The phone gets a dual camera setup at the rear consisting of a 13MP primary camera and a 5MP secondary shooter. At the front, the phone uses an 8-megapixel shooter. Powering the phone is a large 4,000 mAh battery. The handset runs Android 7.0 Nougat. Infocus Vision 3 price in india starts from Rs. 6,999. The other InFocus smartphone you may want to keep an eye out for is the Infocus Vision 3 Pro.
Infocus Vision 3
Infocus Vision 3
Infocus Vision 3
Infocus Vision 3
Infocus Vision 3
Infocus Vision 3
Infocus Vision 3 Video
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Key Specifications

  • MediaTek MT6737
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 16 GB internal storage
  • 4000 mAh battery
  • Dual (13+5) MP Rear, 8 MP Front Camera
  • 5.7 inches (14.48 cm)
  • Dual, Nano-Hybrid SIM
  • Android v7.0 (Nougat)

Infocus Vision 3 Price in India

Last known price of Infocus Vision 3 was Rs. 5,859. This phone is available in 16 GB, 32 GB storage variants.

Infocus Vision 3: Pros & Cons

out of 10
  • Good Stuff
  • Full view display
  • Quite comfortable to operate
  • Feature rich software
  • Bad Stuff
  • Hybrid SIM slot
  • Limited RAM and Storage

InFocus Vision 3 Review: An Affordable Phone With 18:9 Display & Dual-Camera

by Awad Ballaith

InFocus Vision 3 Review

InFocus has come out with a fairly inexpensive device with a far-reaching 'vision'. The company hasn't really tried to go after the premium, or even the mid-range segment of the market and has been focussed on offering smartphones around the Rs.10,000 price range. With the emerging trend of smartphones with bezel-less displays, the Foxconn backed company wants to one-up its competitors with providing such a device at a highly affordable price. With a price-tag of just Rs.6,999, a phone like this must have come with many sacrifices right? That is precisely what we are here to find out.

Design and Build Quality

InFocus Vision 3 Design and Build Quality

Although the official website claims the device to have a 'Sleek Metallic Body', the InFocus Vision 3 seems to be encased in a plastic body. However, most of the phone's look and feel is quite decent as the body does feel quite sturdy. The 2.5D front glass curves and blends in with the curved unibody design of the phone. The device is pretty light and sits comfortably in one hand. InFocus is very proud of the 18:9 aspect ratio display on the Vision 3 which is surprisingly easy to manage in one-handed operations. The phone is a bit slippery though, so be mindful as it loves to slide all over the place. There have been quite a few times when I almost dropped the phone while removing it from my pocket, or just accidentally hit it across a wooden desk and watched it glide like a hockey puck on ice.

The top and bottom bezels on the phone are very slim of course, with the front 8MP camera and other sensors sitting under the top bezel. We get a micro USB port at the bottom of the phone, with a slightly textured power button at the right and textured volume rockers at the left. The hybrid dual sim-card/ micro SD card tray sits at the right of the device. On the top, we have a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The rear panel houses the primary 13MP + 5MP dual camera setup which is slightly raised from the rest of the back. The rear-mounted fingerprint sensor sits at the top centre of the phone, which again helps with the ergonomics of the device. The hybrid dual sim-card/ micro SD card tray sits at the right of the device.

Even though it has a plastic body, the device doesn't feel cheap.
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InFocus Vision 3 Design and Build QualityInFocus Vision 3 Design and Build QualityInFocus Vision 3 Design and Build QualityInFocus Vision 3 Design and Build QualityInFocus Vision 3 Design and Build QualityInFocus Vision 3 Design and Build Quality

Overall, I would say that the device has a great feel to it. Even though it has a plastic body, the device doesn't feel cheap or tacky. With that said, I am not confident about the protection used for the front glass as I was able to get a few tiny, and two deep scratches on the display without ever dropping the device. For those who would rather not tip-toe around the device, a case and/or screen protector is advised.


InFocus Vision 3 Display

Coming to the most appealing aspect of the device, here we have a 5.7-inch HD+ Full Vision display with an 18:9 aspect ratio and 1440 x 720 pixels resolution. I suppose it would be too much to ask for a better resolution on a device that is priced as low as the Vision 3, but a FullHD+ panel would have been much better. Nevertheless, the attempt is commendable as the display is vibrant enough for a fun visual experience. Using the YouTube app for wide videos was delightful, while regular videos such as those with 16:9 aspect ratios could be zoomed in to fill up the entire screen.

For the price, it is hard to complain about the phone's 18:9 screen.

The brightness of this display was admirable as well, which performed favourably in bright sunlight. The LCD panel could not reproduce very accurate colours, but the inclusion of a 'dynamic screen mode' provided vibrant outputs. For the price you pay for this phone, it is hard to complain about the display as the only real issue I had with it was its lower resolution.


InFocus Vision 3 Camera

For many people, cameras are usually a deciding factor when getting a smartphone. On paper, the Vision 3's camera looked promising with a dual 13+5 megapixels camera setup at the back, an 8-megapixel shooter at the front and a bunch of fancy effects and choices. The primary 13MP camera has aperture of f2.0 while the secondary 5 MP wide-angle lens has an aperture of f2.2. It is possible to take good photos from the cameras under the right lighting conditions. There is a 'Dualfi' mode that lets you take a single photo with both cameras at the same time.

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InFocus Vision 3 MacroInFocus Vision 3 MacroInFocus Vision 3 MacroInFocus Vision 3 MacroInFocus Vision 3 MacroInFocus Vision 3 SelfieInFocus Vision 3 SelfieInFocus Vision 3 SelfieInFocus Vision 3 sampleInFocus Vision 3 sampleInFocus Vision 3 sampleInFocus Vision 3 sampleInFocus Vision 3 sampleInFocus Vision 3 sampleInFocus Vision 3 sampleInFocus Vision 3 sampleInFocus Vision 3 sampleInFocus Vision 3 sampleInFocus Vision 3 sampleInFocus Vision 3 sampleInFocus Vision 3 sampleInFocus Vision 3 sampleInFocus Vision 3 sampleInFocus Vision 3 sampleInFocus Vision 3 sampleInFocus Vision 3 sampleInFocus Vision 3 sampleInFocus Vision 3 sampleInFocus Vision 3 sampleInFocus Vision 3 sample

Unfortunately, the camera performs very inconsistently. It was a hit-and-miss when it came to capturing accurate colours with the rear cameras of this device. There is significant softness in the edges of the image. There is a portrait mode which has a gimmicky implementation that ends up blaring out parts of the face as well. Images lack detail most of the time, and the low-light situations are even worse. The rear camera lets you switch from the regular 4:3 shooting ratio to a full 18:9 shot, but that will significantly reduce the resolution, and the loss of detail is impossible to miss.

Hardware and Performance

InFocus Vision 3 Hardware and Performance

To power the InFocus Vision 3, we have a quad-core MediaTek MT6737H SoC (System on Chip) with 2GB RAM. This was where the first problem with the phone started. The weak processor did a decent job of powering most apps and games, but could not perform heavy tasks. Multitasking on the phone was a problem because the lower powered processor and lower RAM meant that background apps would constantly be killed to accommodate for what was currently running at the forefront. Trying to open YouTube and Asphalt 8 in multi-window mode crashed the device entirely.

For lower workloads, however, the device works well without any major issues. Social media apps and regular web browsing is not a challenge for the device as it will perform adequately. But then we are faced with the storage problems of this phone. Having just 16GB of onboard storage is a let-down. There is the option of using a microSD card and expanding the storage up to 128GB, but that comes at the cost of the second SIM card because of the hybrid SIM/microSD card approach InFocus has opted for. If you don't use two SIM cards, then this would not be an issue for you.

InFocus Vision 3 Hardware and PerformanceInFocus Vision 3 Hardware and Performance

The touchscreen input lag was apparent when scrolling, and there was some keyboard inaccuracy from time to time. Fortunately, the fingerprint scanner performed very well. Even though it might not be the fastest out there, it did a decent job of recognising my fingerprint most of the time. Slightest presence of moisture would render it useless though, and I would have to resort to using a pin/pattern to unlock the device.

The speakers on the device were unexceptional as well. The rear-firing speaker of the Vision 3 makes even less sense when compared to bottom firing ones. The speaker was very loud though and compensated for its annoying orientation. The headphone jack on top performs as expected so at-least that was a plus. The front speaker was good enough for calls.

Software and UI

InFocus Vision 3 Software and UI

I was surprised at how many features InFocus was able to cram into the custom OS of the Vision 3. The phone runs Android 7.0 Nougat-based 'Smile UX' ROM. The custom software does not mess around with stock Android too much, but simply builds upon it with added customisations and interface options. There is not a lot of bloatware either as the only addition apps it had out of the box were the Amazon's shopping and Prime app, and the UC browser and News app.

The Smile UX has a bunch of nifty tweaks to play around with. There is an included 'Theme' app which basically lets you change the icons style and wallpapers. There is the option for screen record straight from the quick launch icon in the notification bar. 'AppTwins' lets you create two copies of a few different apps on the phone. There are a bunch of motion and gestures support along with defragmentation, background and auto-start app management, and the ability to create a private space for personal files that you may want to keep hidden on the device.

The Smile UX looks good and offers a lot of customisation features.
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InFocus Vision 3 Software and UIInFocus Vision 3 Software and UIInFocus Vision 3 Software and UIInFocus Vision 3 Software and UI

There was one amusing feature called the 'Suspension ball' which is essentially a clone of the 'Assistive Touch' feature found on iPhones. Although not as customisable as the latter, this (ahem) 'suspended ball' icon floats on top of the screen and offers all three navigation option along with the ability to take screenshots and lock the screen. Another feature is called 'Intelligent Acceleration'. To be honest, I have no idea what this one does; I'm assuming it clears the RAM from time to time. The device has 'Kika' keyboard set as default for some reason. I personally was not a fan of this keyboard as it was horrible at registering the correct keys pressed. There is the ability to disable it and use the stock keyboard which was much better.

One glaring issue that I discovered while using the InFocus Vision 3 was the inability to hear any audio when I made outbound calls. Whether it was regular calls or even an online call using WhatsApp, I found that I could not hear anything through both the regular and the loudspeaker. Speaking with the team at InFocus revealed that this was a software bug and that disabling 'Ok Google' on the Google app was the solution to this weird bug. I have no idea how exactly Google Assistant and outbound calls are connected, but the team over at InFocus is aware of it and have assured its customers that they are 'working on it'.

Battery Life

InFocus Vision 3 Battery Life

The InFocus Vision 3 packs a 4000mAh battery that performed exceptionally well in the time I used the phone. Charging the device from 0 to 100% took agonisingly long as it does not support any Quick Charge like features. But the device lasted well over a full day's worth of use. Its sort of a tradeoff as the processor is weak and the display isn't that demanding with its low resolution anyway. What you end up getting is roughly 5-6 hours of screen-on time with around 2-3 days of backup. The battery did drain more than expected when on idle, but it performed very well in daily use.

The phone can last 2-3 days on a single charge.
InFocus Vision 3 Battery LifeInFocus Vision 3 Battery Life


InFocus Vision 3 Verdict

Coming in at just Rs.6,999, the InFocus Vision 3 is a good option for someone who merely wants to flaunt a bezel-less display. It offers excellent battery life and subjectively decent aesthetics. The software was reasonably clean with many customisation options. With that said, the performance was lacking and the 16GB of onboard storage was deeply concerning. Android 8.0 Oreo is expected to come out sometime this year, but we don't think a software update is enough to fix the major camera issues this phone has. If you really want an affordable device that has an 18:9 display, we would suggest you wait until the Redmi 5 launches in India as we are expecting it to arrive close to the same price range.

Infocus Vision 3 Details

Introduction and Display
The InFocus Vision 3 is the latest entry-level smartphone in the market to sport a big display. The main highlights of the smartphone are its large screen, dual rear camera setup and a big battery. Also on offer is a fingerprint reader which is slotted at the back below the camera module. The fingerprint sensor can be used to record multiple fingerprints. The smartphone is sleek and can easily be carried around. 
In terms of display, the InFocus Vision 3 flaunts a 5.7-inch HD+ 18:9 2.5D curved glass display which comes with an 82.4% screen-to-body ratio that is designed to deliver a great visual experience while you indulge in games or watch videos. One of the interesting points is that the smartphone features is its tempered glass display which can protect the smartphone from attracting any scratches.
Platform and Battery
On the software front, the InFocus Vision 3 runs Android 7.0 Nougat and is fuelled by a non-removable Li-Ion 4,000mAh battery which can easily last for more than a day even with heavy usage. The device exclusively available via online retailer Amazon. 
Camera and Performance
For shutterbugs, the device packs a dual rear camera setup along with a front-facing sensor. At the back, there is a 13+5-megapixel rear camera; the secondary camera comes with a 120-degree wide-angle lens which enhances the depth effect on your shots. Also to aid low light photography and videos, there is an LED flash. At the front, the smartphone is equipped with an 8-megapixel front-facing shooter which can be used for video calls and selfies. 
At its heart, the Vision 3 is armed with a 1.3GHz quad-core MediaTek processor which is coupled with 2GB of RAM to ensure a seamless performance besides aiding multitasking. 
Connectivity and Storage
For connectivity, the InFocus Vision 3 is bundled with all the standard connectivity options which include 4G, dual SIM support, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, GPS, and a microUSB 2.0 port.
For data and apps, the device ships with an internal storage space of 16GB which on can expand further using a microSD card up to 128GB.

Infocus Vision 3 Specifications


Processor MediaTek MT6737
Display 5.7 inches (14.48 cms)
Storage 16 GB
Front Camera Single (8 MP, f/2.2 Camera)
Rear Camera Dual (13 MP, f/2.0 Camera + 5 MP, f/2.2 Camera)
Battery 4000 mAh


Launch Date December 20, 2017
Dimensions 5.98 x 2.83 x 0.35 inch (152 x 72 x 9 mm)
Weight 150 grams
Build Case: Metal, Back: Metal
Colors Midnight Black


Chipset MediaTek MT6737
No of Cores 4 (Quad Core)
CPU Quad core, 1.3GHz, Cortex A53
Graphics Mali-T720 MP2


Operating System Android v7.0 (Nougat)


Internal Memory 16 GB
Expandable Memory Yes, microSD, Up to 128 GB (Hybrid Slot)


Size 5.7 inches (14.48 cms)
Display Type IPS LCD, 2.5D Curved Glass
Resolution 720 x 1440 pixels
Aspect ratio 18:9
TouchScreen Yes, Capacitive, Multi-touch
Color Reproduction 16M Colors
Screen to body percentage 76.61 %
Pixel Density 282 pixels per inch (ppi)


Rear Dual (13 MP, f/2.0 Camera + 5 MP, f/2.2 Camera)
Sensor CMOS image sensor
Flash Rear (LED Flash)
Front Single (8 MP, f/2.2 Camera)
Camera Features Auto Flash, Auto Focus, Face detection, Touch to focus
Shooting Modes Continuos Shooting, High Dynamic Range mode (HDR)


Standby Time Up to 582 Hours(2G)
Type Li-ion
Capacity 4000 mAh
Removable No
Fast Charging No
Talk time Up to 20 Hours(2G)
Wireless Charging No


USB OTG Support Yes
Wi-Fi Yes with b/g/n
SIM Configuration Dual SIM (SIM1: Nano) (SIM2: Hybrid)
Bluetooth Bluetooth v4.0
Network 4G: Available (supports Indian bands), 3G: Available, 2G: Available
Voice over LTE(VoLTE) Yes
Wi-fi features Mobile Hotspot
GPS Yes with A-GPS
Infrared Yes
USB microUSB 2.0, Mass storage device, USB charging, USB On-The-Go
NFC Chipset No


Fingerprint sensor Yes, Rear
Other Sensor Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer


Speaker Yes
Audio Jack Yes, 3.5mm
Disclaimer: Specifications shown may be different from the actual product. We cannot guarantee that the information provided on this page is 100% correct. Please check with the retailer before purchasing.

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Infocus Vision 3 Price in India

Infocus Vision 3 Price in India is Rs. 5,859 as on 24th October 2021 12:01:03
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