5 Hidden iOS 17.2 Features Arriving On Your iPhone Next Week

Your iPhone will get host of new features in the coming time thanks to forthcoming iOS 17.2.

  • Apple is set to release its iOS 17.2 soon, as the Candidate version is already available for developers.
  • It will bring a handful of new features to the iPhones, including the eagerly anticipated Journal app, Contact Key Verification, Memoji updates, iPhone 15 Pro support for Spatial Video, and more.
  • In this article, we will talk about 5 hidden features of iOS 17.2, which include Enhanced AirDrop Functionality, Optimized PDF Handling, and more.

Apple unveiled its iOS 17 at the “Wonderlust” event in September this year. The latest iOS introduced some exciting features. However, the company has been consistently updating it to incorporate more capabilities. Now, the eyes are on the second refresh of iOS 17, as the Cupertino giant has already released the Candidate version of iOS 17.2, indicating what the final version will entail. While everyone knows about the eagerly anticipated Journal app, Contact Key Verification, Memoji updates, iPhone 15 Pro support for Spatial Video, and new functionality for the Action Button, this article will delve into the 5 hidden features of iOS 17.2 that have yet to receive much attention.

Enhanced AirDrop Functionality

In the forthcoming iOS 17.2, Apple aims to enhance AirDrop capabilities by broadening contact-sharing options. Users will soon be able to share boarding passes, movie tickets, and other eligible passes by conveniently tapping two phones together, just like the ‘Name Share’. This upgrade is designed to simplify the process of sharing tickets for passes before embarking on a trip.

Heightened Privacy with Siri

It seems like iOS 17.2 will focus significantly on increasing Siri’s privacy. The virtual assistant will now access and log Health data through voice commands, ensuring a private and on-device experience. Whether users add a workout, check step counts, or review sleep data, Siri’s quick and internet-free access to this information extends to the Apple Watch with watchOS 10.2.

Optimized PDF Handling

iOS 17.2 will also bring improved AutoFill capabilities for PDFs and forms. This enhancement includes advanced identification of fields, allowing users to effortlessly populate them with information such as names and addresses sourced from their contacts.

Weather Insights

The weather app is getting an upgrade in iOS 17.2. Now, it will show the weather forecast for the next 10 days.

iMessage Efficiency

After being tested and removed in the iOS 17 beta, catch-up arrows will make a return in iOS 17.2. This feature lets users quickly jump to their first unread message in a conversation by tapping the arrow in the top-right corner, just like we see on Telegram.