Aesthetic Bio for Instagram 2023: 150+ Best, Cool and Short Aesthetic Bio Ideas for Boys and Girls

Update your Instagram Bio with an Aesthetic one today!


Being aesthetic is a way of life. An aesthetic lifestyle is visually pleasing and soothing to the senses. Being aesthetic for some also means having a picture-perfect Instagram. Each post is carefully curated, and each caption is carefully thought out to create an aesthetic Instagram profile. Naturally, you will need an aesthetic bio, too, if you have an aesthetic profile on Instagram. 

As avid users of Instagram, we know the importance of a captivating bio that represents your personality and leaves a lasting impression on your followers. This blog will share ideas for creating an aesthetic bio that stands out in the sea of Instagram profiles. Here are some cool, short, and best aesthetic bio ideas to use on Instagram for girls and boys. 

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150+ Aesthetic bio ideas to use on Instagram in 2023

300+ Superb Instagram Bio Ideas To Use In 2023

  1. Aesthetic king. 
  2. Aesthetic queen
  3. Aesthetic prince.
  4. Aesthetic princess.
  5. Aesthetic boy
  6. Aesthetic girl
  7. Aesthetic man
  8. Aesthetic woman. 
  9. Human being. 
  10. A human.
  11. Silence is the loudest scream.
  12. Smile big, laugh often. 
  13. The best of me is yet to come.
  14. The best of me.
  15. You get the best of me. 
  16. Only the best of me. 
  17. Don’t take life for granted. 
  18. Never take life for granted. 
  19. Life isn’t meant to be taken for granted. 
  20. Love life. 
  21. Love life, live life. 
  22. Love and live life. 
  23. Love makes the world go round. 
  24. Love makes my world go round. 
  25. Tomorrow exists for a reason. 
  26. We have tomorrow for a reason. 
  27. Eat, sleep, rave, repeat. 
  28. Eat, sleep, create. 
  29. Don’t be a worrier, be a warrior. 
  30. Be a warrior, not a worrier. 
  31. Can’t be upset. Too busy. 
  32. Too busy to be upset. 
  33. Can’t find the time to be upset. 
  34. No time to be upset. 
  35. Weekend, please don’t leave. 
  36. Weekend, please stay. 
  37. Weekend, where are you? 
  38. I need the weekend. 
  39. Dreams and goals. 
  40. Chasing dreams
  41. Chasing goals. 
  42. Living my best life. 
  43. Living the best way I could live. 
  44. Don’t ruin my vibe. 
  45. My vibe attracts my tribe. 
  46. Less care, less stress. 
  47. No care, no stress. 
  48. If not now, when? If not you, who? 
  49. Stay classy. 
  50. Stay classy, sassy and a bit bad-assey. 
  51. Beautiful girl. 
  52. Beautiful woman.
  53. Beautiful inside and out. 
  54. Total beauty. 
  55. Only beauty. 
  56. Don’t mistake motion for action. 
  57. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. 
  58. Where your comfort zone ends, life begins. 
  59. Don’t mistake motion for action. 
  60. Motion isn’t action. 
  61. Aspire to inspire before we expire. 
  62. Winners don’t quit, Quitters don’t win. 
  63. Life is beautiful. 
  64. I don’t make mistakes, I date them. 
  65. A stud muffin in search of a cupcake. 
  66. Here’s my story for the history books. 
  67. I scream for icecream. 
  68. Living a little. 
  69. Live a little. 
  70. It’s important you live a little. 
  71. Please live a little. 
  72. What should I put here. 
  73. Just another Instagram influencer. 
  74. Welcome to my world. 
  75. Welcome to my universe.
  76. Welcome to my realm. 
  77. Supreme emperor of my realm. 
  78. King of my castle. 
  79. Queen of my castle. 
  80. What should I put here. 
  81. Wearing my crown 24×7
  82. Straightening my crown
  83. Hold on, let me straighten my crown. 
  84. Queen 24×7.
  85. King 24×7
  86. Global warming made me hot. 
  87. Conquering from within. 
  88. Life is beautiful. 
  89. Being myself. Everyone else is taken. 
  90. Waste time. Wisely. 
  91. Time is precious, waste it wisely. 
  92. Be young, be dope, run the show. 
  93. Running the show. 
  94. Running my own show. 
  95. Running my show 24×7. 
  96. Average in a world of savage. 
  97. Stress doesn’t go with my outfit. 
  98. Don’t like me? I don’t care. 
  99. Don’t know, don’t care. 
  100. Don’t care anymore. 
  101. I am the way I am. 
  102. Love the way I am. 
  103. This is not a nightmare, this is my life. 
  104. Welcome to my life
  105. My life be like. 
  106. Death by chocolate sounds like a tasty way to go. 
  107. Chaos, panic, disorder-my work here is done. 
  108. In a world full of Kardashians, be anything but. 
  109. I’ll find my way in the darkness. 
  110. Show me darkness and I will show you light. 
  111. I’m like coffee: dark, bitter and too hot for you. 
  112. The bad news is time flies. 
  113. Light can devour the darkness, but darkness cannot consume the light.
  114. Kind words cost nothing. 
  115. It costs nothing to be kind. 
  116. Kindness costs nothing. 
  117. Look in the mirror and see your competitor. 
  118. Your biggest competition is in the mirror. 
  119. One simple hug can cure big issues in life. 
  120. I am the hero of my own story. 
  121. I don’t need to be saved. 
  122. Don’t save me, I am beyond redemption. 
  123. Stay busy. 
  124. Stay busy, they don’t deserve you. 
  125. Try  making yourself happy. 
  126. Self-help is the best help.
  127. I am the exception. 
  128. Simple but significant. 
  129. Doing better. 
  130. Simplicity is the key to happiness. 
  131. Rolling with the homies. 
  132. Pretty and profitable. 
  133. Don’t be afraid to shine. 
  134. Made for words, not for thoughts. 
  135. I believe in helping people. 
  136. Simple but significant – perfect!
  137. Living a little. 
  138. Life is beautiful. 
  139. More glitter, less bitter. 
  140. Stay humble, be kind, and work hard. 
  141. Late-night snacker. 
  142. I need two six-month vacations this year. 
  143. Cake addict in recovery. 
  144. Scratch here ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ to unveil my bio. 
  145. I already want to take a nap tomorrow. 
  146. For today, I’m thinking of breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
  147. It took me __ years to get to this point. 
  148. If love is in the air, why is it so polluted?
  149. Creating my own sunshine. 
  150. Hello, welcome to my world. 
  151. First I drink the coffee. Then I do things. 
  152. Don’t ever be afraid to shine. 
  153. I don’t want to forget something that once made us smile.
  154. I’m simply another Instagram influencer, to be sure.
  155. This will go down in history as my narrative. 
  156. Extremely passionate about not starving to death.
  157. Here to steer clear of my family and friends on Facebook.
  158. Guilty as charged! My hotness caused global warming.
  159. I put the “elation” in “public relations.”
  160. What is easy isn’t worth it. What is worth it isn’t easy.

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How do I keep my bio attractive?

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  • To improve your Instagram profile’s visibility, include relevant keywords that align with your niche or industry. For example, if you’re a fitness trainer, incorporating keywords such as “fitness,” “health,” or “workout” can enhance your search results.
  • Incorporating a call-to-action (CTA) can also boost your profile’s engagement. Encourage visitors to follow you or click the link below to learn more. Doing so will give them a clear understanding of what you want them to do and increase their likelihood of following through.
  • To make your Instagram bio more engaging, consider using emojis sparingly. Incorporating relevant emojis that align with your niche or industry can add personality to your profile, but don’t go overboard, as it may appear cluttered.
  • Selecting an appropriate profile picture is crucial since it’s the first thing visitors see on your Instagram profile. It should be high-quality and memorable, accurately reflecting your brand or personality.
  • Using relevant hashtags that align with your niche or industry in your Instagram bio can enhance your profile’s search results. Avoid going overboard and limit yourself to three to five hashtags.
  • Including your location in your Instagram bio is beneficial if you have a physical store or office, mainly if it’s a local business. It helps people locate you quickly and improves your search results.
  • If you have any achievements or awards relevant to your niche or industry, incorporate them into your Instagram bio. This helps add more value to your profile.

What are some one-word aesthetic bios for Instagram?

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  1. King. 
  2. Queen
  3. Prince
  4. Princess
  5. Boy 
  6. Girl
  7. Man 
  8. Woman.
  9. Aesthete. 
  10. Aesthetic. 

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Name some aesthetic bio ideas for Instagram

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  1. Too cool for you. 
  2. Too cool for school. 
  3. Too good for you. 
  4. Aesthetic bio. 
  5. Aesthetic king. 
  6. Aesthetic queen
  7. Prince
  8. Princess
  9. Aesthetic bio
  10. Good looking bio. 

How do I change my Instagram bio?

  • Tap your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile. 
  • Tap Edit profile at the top of the screen, then tap Bio. 
  • Write your bio and add the URL to your website. 
  • Tap Submit.