Airtel PUK Code: What is it, How to Unlock PUK Code of Airtel SIM, and More

A PUK code is necessary to unlock the SIM card, here's how to get it.


Telecom operators have a strict security wall to prevent any misuse of their SIM cards. They ask for a PIN to access the SIM card which if you put it wrong three times will lead them to block the SIM card. After which, a PUK code is necessary to unlock the SIM card. Without it, users won’t be able to access their SIM cards. In many cases, the PUK code is unknown and users need to dig more to get the code. These codes are unique and separate for each telecom operator. If you are an Airtel SIM card owner and are currently stuck in such a situation, then we will tell you how you can get an Airtel PUK code and unlock your SIM card. Here’re some of the working methods.

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What is Airtel PUK Code?

Airtel PUK code is a security wall that restricts access to SIM cards by other users. PUK code, also known as Personal Unblocking Number, is a code that is used to unlock a SIM card after you have locked it by attempting to enter the PIN three times.

PUK code is specific for each telecom operator and Airtel has its own. The PUK code for an Airtel SIM card is known as the Airtel PUK code. It is written on the SIM card or on the SIM envelope that is provided while handing out the SIM card.

How to Unlock Airtel PUK Code?


Airtel SIM card can be unlocked via SMS, here’s how to get the PUK code.

  1. Use another Airtel mobile number.
  2. Find the PUK code that is printed on the back side of the SIM body.
  3. Enter your locked phone number and send it to 785 via SMS.
  4. Now, Type with PUK><Space>15-digit SIM number and send it to 121.
  5. Airtel will send you an 8-digit code instantly, this will be your PUK code.
  6. Now, enter the code into your locked Airtel mobile and it will be unlocked.

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Via Customer Care

If you are not familiar with the above method, you can try contacting the customer service of Airtel to unlock the SIM, here’s how to do it.

  1. Dial 121 from another Airtel number.
  2. Dial the number for the PUK code after the IVRS says anything related.
  3. Now, request the Airtel PUK code and tell them your locked mobile number.
  4. They will ask for a little information to validate your identity. Provide them with these and a 15-digit SIM number printed on the back side of the body.
  5. Once verified, the executive will send you a new PUK code.
  6. Enter it on your locked Airtel mobile number and your SIM card should be unlocked.

Using Website

If you have access to a laptop or a mobile, then follow the instructions below to unlock your Airtel SIM.

  1. Go to the Airtel website and log in using another Airtel mobile number.
  2. It will ask for OTP, enter it and you will be logged in.
  3. Now, it will show you the mobile numbers associated with your account.
  4. Tap on the locked number and go to the Device section.
  5. It will show you the IMEI number of your device and the PUK code of Airtel SIM.
  6. Enter it to unlock your Airtel SIM card.

The PUK code is not shown to everyone on the official website, so we recommend you use another method if the PUK code is not showing for your number on the Airtel official website.

By USSD Code

A simple USSD code will also help you unlock your Airtel SIM card, follow the steps to get your PUK code.

  1. From another Airtel mobile number, dial *121*51#.
  2. A pop-up will appear, select OK.
  3. Another pop-up message will appear within a few seconds.
  4. Select the PUK option which should be at number 3.
  5. Now, select PUK for others in another window.
  6. Enter your date of birth to verify your identity.
  7. That’s it! A new PUK code will be shown to you on the screen.
  8. Enter it on your mobile device to unlock your Airtel SIM.

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By Visiting Airtel Store

You can also go authorised Airtel store to unblock your Airtel SIM card. The customer care representative might ask for a few details in order to verify whether the number belongs to you or not. Once verified, the representative will help you to unblock your Airtel PUK code.


What is the 8 Digit PUK code?

The PUK code, expanded as Personal Unblocking Key, is a special code that has eight digits in it. This code is used to unblock your SIM card.

Why Airtel PUK code problem Arises?

Airtel PUK code problem happens whenever a user forgets its SIM password and enters a wrong password for more than 3 attempts.

Can you unlock your SIM without the PUK code?

No, you cannot unlock your Airtel SIM without a PUK code, therefore we recommend not to try any other methods. Otherwise, it may harm your SIM card.