Amazon Prime Video Watch Party Comes to India: How to Watch Your Favourite Shows With Up to 100 Friends

Amazon Prime Video Watch Party will allow you to stream shows from your desktop web browser with up to 100 friends, and the interface includes a live chat option as well.

Amazon Prime Video Watch Party

In a bid to make the video streaming experience more engaging, Amazon Prime Video India has introduced its Watch Party feature in India. Using this feature, Prime Video Watch Party viewers can start streaming a show, and subsequently access ‘Watch Party’ to share the show stream with up to 100 friends. Along with sharing the show, viewers of Prime Video Watch Party in India will get a live chat feature, using which they can set up a group chat and therefore enjoy the show together. The feature is in line with the various online social activity techniques that companies around the world have come up with, as the Covid-19 pandemic continues into extended months.

The Prime Video Watch Party experience works when Prime Video subscribers sign in using their desktop web browsers, and is supported for any show that is part of Amazon Prime Video. The social viewing experience will also include synchronised playback that will be controlled by the host of the Watch Party. It is important to note that to be able to be a party of a Watch Party, every member will need to have an active Amazon Prime or Prime Video membership.

How to host or join Amazon Prime Video Watch Party

To host a Prime Video Watch Party, use the following steps:

  • Login to your Prime Video (Amazon Prime) account from your desktop web browser.
  • Once logged in, scroll or search to choose the show or movie of your pick.
  • Once the show or movie is selected, you will find a ‘Watch Party’ button alongside the selected show. Click on it to start setting up the Prime Video Watch Party for your friends.
  • From here, you can invite any friend with an Amazon Prime Video account to join your Watch Party.
  • Once they join, a live chat can be started among the participants. As a host, you can choose when to start the stream, skip sections and pause the stream.

To join, simply click on the Watch Party stream link, and join the stream and live chat. As an attendee, you cannot control how the stream operates. The feature is already available in India, and users can start experiencing it right away.

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