Amazon vs Flipkart Republic Day Sales: Which One Has the Best iPhone Deals in 2024?

Which platform has the best offers on Apple's iPhones? We break it down for you.

  • Amazon’s iPhone 13 Deal: Amazon offers a solid discount on the iPhone 13.
  • Flipkart’s Extensive iPhone Deals: Flipkart covers various iPhone models in its Republic Day Sale, including the iPhone 14 and the latest iPhone 15 lineup.
  • Choosing Between Amazon and Flipkart: While Flipkart seems to have better deals on the latest iPhones, the real value is in the discounts on the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 on Amazon.

In the ongoing Republic Day sales on Amazon and Flipkart, the real showdown is in the iPhone aisle. Known for their sleek designs and top-notch tech, iPhones are always a hot commodity during sales. We’re here to cut through the noise and find out where you can grab the best iPhone deals this year.

Whether you’re Team Amazon or Team Flipkart, it’s time to uncover the real winners in the battle of discounts. Let’s dive in and check out the best deals on iPhones during these sales.

iPhone Deals on Amazon Great Republic Day Sale 2024

Amazon is slashing the price of the iPhone 13 – the one that dropped in September 2021. The 128GB base model is going for Rs 48,999, down from the usual Rs 53,000. However, there is not much of a discount on other storage options in the iPhone 13 lineup.

The iPhone 14’s 128GB variant has a price tag of Rs 58,999 on Amazon. Coming to the latest iPhone 15, this is up for grabs at Rs 72,900, down from its regular tag of about Rs 75,000. The iPhone 15 launched at Rs 79,900.

The iPhone 15 Plus is available at Rs 82,990— a pretty decent discount considering the launch price of Rs 89,900. We also spotted a 256GB variant of the iPhone 15 Plus at Rs 83,900. This is also a solid deal considering the extra storage you are getting.

iPhone Deals on Flipkart Republic Day Sale 2024

Flipkart is also rolling out deals on a number of iPhone models, and here’s the kicker – it covers both the regular and Pro versions of the newest iPhones. They’ve got offers on the basic iPhone 14, iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and the big daddy iPhone 15 Pro Max.

For those eyeing the iPhone 14, it’s up for grabs at Rs 58,999, a sweet drop from its usual Rs 62,000 tag. Now, the fresh-out-the-oven iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max are on the scene with price tags of Rs 74,999, Rs 82,990, Rs 1,30,990, and Rs 1,56,900, respectively. The iPhone 15 Pro launched at Rs 1,34,900, and the Pro Max at Rs 1,59,900.

Wrap-up: Amazon or Flipkart – Where’s the Real Deal?

At a glance, it seems like Flipkart is dishing out the hottest deals on the entire iPhone 15 lineup. But once I dove into the nitty-gritty and checked the pricing history, it turns out most of these iPhone 15 models have been around the same price for quite a while. However, the real action is at the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14.

Now, the big question – which one’s the better pick? In my books, it’s the iPhone 13.

Yeah, the iPhone 13 is more than three years old– it launched in September 2021 after. But it’s still packs a punch by 2024 standards and gives you the most bang for your buck. Or you can consider the iPhone 14, which is similar to the iPhone 13, but with a few tweaks here and there.

But honestly, my advice would be to skip the iPhone 14 and stretch your budget for the latest-gen iPhone 15. It brings some cool upgrades – the dynamic island, a new 48MP primary sensor, and it’s rocking the A16 Bionic chip. If you are paying a premium price, then the iPhone 15 is a much better buy that’ll stay in the game without feeling outdated for at least the next couple of years. With a nifty exchange offer, the final price of your iPhone 15 could be lower– especially if you decide to trade in an older iPhone.

But, fair warning, the prices of these newer iPhones tend to play a rollercoaster game during sales. So, before hitting that ‘Buy Now’ button make sure to compare prices on both platforms.