[Update] Amazon Pay Balance to Bank Transfer Via UPI Now Available to More Users, Here’s How It Works

You can select the Amazon Pay Balance option while making a UPI payment.


Amazon launched the Amazon Pay UPI back in 2019. The UPI ID-based payment allowed users to pay on the Amazon app, other third-party websites, friends and family, and all other outlets, which takes any UPI payment based on a QR code or phone number. The UPI service, Amazon Pay UPI has gained millions of users across India.

Update (July 18th): More Amazon users are now getting the Amazon Pay balance as UPI payment mode. To get the feature, make sure you are on the latest version. Alternatively, you can uninstall and reinstall the app.

Now, it looks like Amazon is working on a new feature called the Amazon Wallet UPI. This feature was spotted by a user named, Abhishek Chatterjee on Twitter and this is currently not available for all users. We think this is a new and upcoming feature that Amazon is testing on a limited set of users. Let’s take a look at the details.

Amazon Wallet UPI: Here is Everything You Need to Know

For those who are aware and are regular Amazon UPI users, you must be aware that Amazon allows you to send money only from your bank account and not the money you have in your Amazon Pay Balance. Well, with the new feature that’s being tested, it looks like that’s about to change soon.

As posted by the user on Abhishek, Amazon Wallet UPI will allow users to send money from Amazon Pay Balance. However, this works only if the Pay Balance has been added using the card method or you have paid for the Pay Balance using any other methods like UPI or Net Banking. This also means users won’t be able to send Amazon Pay balance which has been credited as cash back or gift voucher. This also allows you to load money through a credit card and transfer it to the bank via UPI 一 free of cost.

As you can see from these screenshots, the payment option will ask for the “Amazon Pay Balance” as a payment option. The user confirms that the app is on version and gift cards are not supported yet. This feature is available for users who have completed full KYC for Amazon Wallet. More users on Amazon should receive the feature via the update soon. send money via UPI.