Android 15’s First Developer Preview Roll Out Expected Later Today: Everything to Note

The new update is called Android V because of the Vanilla Ice Cream codename.

  • Android’s first preview is typically released for developers given the first few builds are typically quite unstable.
  • The news about Android 15’s Developer Release was confirmed by a Google Developer on the AOSP commit page.
  • Google typically drops developer previews of new Android updates in February.

The first Android 15 Developer Preview update is said to be coming later today i.e. on February 15. The claim came from a Google Developer named Misha Kulaha on the official Android Open Source Project (AOSP) commit page. Apart from the scheduled date, the developer also hinted at the name of the upcoming Android update.

The AOSP commit page was first spotted by 9to5Google and it matches Google’s timeline for developer preview rollouts in the past. Here’s what we know so far about the Android 15 release date and expected features.

First Android 15 Developer Preview Rollout Schedule Revealed

Kulaha responded to a query by another user on the commit page and suggested waiting until Android V becomes available. Notably, Android V refers to the dessert codename of Android 15, which is vanilla ice cream.

The developer then went on to confirm that the first developer preview of Android 15 is scheduled for February 15. The timeline checks out as the first Android 14 developer preview was rolled out on February 8 and the Android 13 developer preview on February 10.

Google will roll out the first Android 15 developer preview today.
Google will roll out the first Android 15 developer preview on February 15.

Google usually rolls out the first Developer Preview in February followed by the Developer Preview 2 in March. The company then begins the Beta program with a new beta update rolling out every month from April to July.

The final public release is rolled out with the launch of the new Pixel smartphones every year. We can expect Android 15 to follow the same timeline as well. As of now, not much information about Android 15 is known apart from the dessert codename and a few leaks here and there. A recent leak confirmed that the new Android Update will bring built-in support for app archiving.

Another leak revealed that Android 5 could feature Auracast to broadcast music and audio to nearby devices using Bluetooth LE. Moreover, noted Android analyst Mishaal Rahman has confirmed that Android 15 will bring a Security State API designed to improve the security of smartphones.