Apex Legends New Season Details Revealed: New Legend Newcastle, Changes to Storm Point, and More

Newcastle looks like a great addition to the game.


The upcoming Season in Apex Legends, Saviors, introduces a brand-new Legend, Newcastle, and he may already have strong ties to a certain Legend in the Apex Games. A new launch trailer for Saviors showcases all sorts of new content, including alterations to Storm Point as well as the addition of new, gigantic creatures to the map.

The highlight, of course, is the introduction of Newcastle, a new Legend with a curious connection to Bangalore. In the launch trailer, it is eluded to that Newcastle might actually be Bangalore’s brother – adding quite the dimension to storytelling in Apex Legends.

Newcastle’s abilities seem to favour a Defensive approach as the character can seemingly deploy a mobile shield and drag downed teammates to cover.

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Apex Legends Saviors Arrives May 10, 2022

With each new Season of Apex Legends, the game continues to receive new Legends and Newcastle has the potential to be a crowd-favourite, given his defensive skillset. The game currently seems to be lacking in the Defense department and it has typically been an area dominated by Gibraltar, Caustic, and occasionally, Lifeline.

Newcastle’s abilities and kits were possibly revealed in a massive leak earlier this year. The Legends’ abilities seem to revolve around his mobile shield and could prove a worthy foil to Gibraltar. The character can deploy a Mobile Shield as their Tactical and slam a massive Shield Wall as their Ultimate ability.

It will be interesting to see where Newcastle fits in the meta and whether he is able to hold his own against other Defensive legends in the game.

Other notable changes headed to Apex Legends includes Storm Point getting a monstrous facelift. A Downed Beast will be added to the map, which squads can probably engage in fights to receive loot and treasure. A new Season 13 Battle Pass will also be available come May 10.