Apple Will Reportedly Launch iPad Air and iPad Pro With Distinguishing Features Next Year

Apple has plans to declutter and make its iPad lineup less confusing starting 2024.

  • Apple will reportedly refresh its iPad Air and iPad Pro series next year around March.
  • The Cupertino-based tech giant is said to be working on simplifying its confusing iPad lineup.
  • Apple will launch the iPad Air in two screen sizes for the first time and Pro models will get upgraded features.

Apple is reportedly working on decluttering its iPad lineup with the launch of the new iPad Air and iPad Pro in 2024. As of now, the company is selling iPad Mini, iPad 9th-gen, iPad 10th-gen, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. There are next to no differences in some of these models, which makes it difficult for the buyers to decide which of these iPads they should pick. However, that’s about to change as Mark Gurman claims that not only will Apple launch the iPad Air and Pro with significant distinguishing features but also discontinue the older regular iPad to completely phase out Touch ID and some of the older Apple Pencil models. Let’s take a look at the latest revelation regarding Apple iPad lineup.

Apple Is Working on Making it Easier For Buyers to Pick The Best iPad

Apple iPad Pro/ iPadOS 15 iPad Pro 14.1-inch
Apple will refresh iPad Air and Pro lineup in March 2024.

Mark Gurman recently claimed that Apple is all set to launch a new MacBook Air powered by an M3 processor around March 2024. In the same report, the popular Apple tipster also claimed that the company will refresh the iPad Air and iPad Pro around the same time. Gurman has now claimed that the company will be simplifying the iPad lineup with the new launches to make it easier for buyers to buy the best iPad for their requirements.

A lot has been discussed about Apple’s ladder strategy for pricing where the brand has very nominal distinguishing factors between the top-end variant of a cheaper model and the base variant of the higher-up model. While this has helped Apple generate more sales, it has resulted in a cluttered iPad lineup, unlike the iPhones and MacBooks which have a clear distinction between regular and pro models.

It seems that Apple will now declutter the iPad lineup next year starting with the discontinuation of the older 9th-generation iPad. This will help Apple get rid of the home button and older Apple pencil models. Additionally, Apple will also launch two screen sizes for the first time in iPad Air – 10.9-inch and 12.9-inch. The latest report suggests that the 12.9-inch iPad Air display panels have already started shipping. This means those who want a bigger display don’t have to stretch their budget and go for iPad Pro or compromise and stick with a smaller iPad Air.

iPad Pro, on the other hand, will come with a slightly bigger 11-inch and 13-inch display panel. However, this won’t be the distinguishing factor between the iPad Air and Pro models. The latter will also come with a more powerful M3 processor, updated design, OLED display panel, and a revamped Magic Keyboard attachment. This means that iPad Pro will get the latest Magic Keyboard but not the Air. This is being done to distinguish the Pro model from Air and better suit the idea of the Pro moniker.