Apple Watch Could Sport an External Flashlight in Future, Hints Patent

This future external flashlight could have its own power source to avoid draining the Apple Watch battery.

  • Apple Watch does not have a dedicated flashlight similar to the iPhone.
  • Apple Watch currently lights up the display to peak brightness to work as a flashlight.
  • The external flashlight will also help Apple Watch users with better aiming while looking for things in the dark.

Dedicated flashlights are a common occurrence among smartphones, but not for smartwatches. Even Apple Watch users have to rely on utilizing the Apple Watch display as a workaround flashlight whenever needed. However, things could change in the future as Apple has been granted a patent for an external flashlight implementation, reveals an Apple Insider report.

Apple Watch External Flashlight Patent Details

Apple has received a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that explains modular light assembly for a wearable device. The patent sketch shows an external flashlight module attached to a smartwatch’s strap. It means this flashlight will not be seen on the Apple Watch itself, but instead on the strap.

The patent application refers to the flashlight as an accessory for a wearable device. The goal is to replace the usage of display brightness as a flashlight which is bright but not bright enough. The external flashlight could have a separate power source which will also prevent battery draining for smartwatches.

The patent further discusses that th external flashlight can be controlled i.e. turned on or off either through a dedicated button or via on-screen controls. It may further include liquid-resistant features like seals or O-rings to avoid liquid damage. This is a crucial mention as many Apple Watch users like to wear it while swimming.

Another benefit of the external flashlight would be better aiming. In the current scenario, it can be a little tricky to point the on-screen flashlight to the desired location due to the way the Apple Watch is worn on the wrist.

It should be noted that even though Apple has received the patent, it is unknown when and if it will release an external flashlight for Apple Watch in the near future. It is also hard to say whether it will be an Apple Watch Ultra exclusive feature at the time of release or it will be available on other models too.

Meanwhile, Apple recently launched the Apple Watch Series 9 Product (RED) edition to celebrate World AIDS Day. It comes with a Product (RED) themed aluminium case and sports band. There are new watch faces Metropolitan, World Time, Numerals Mono, Gradient, Stripes, and Typograph that users can install. The special edition smartwatch is available in 41mm and 45mm sizes for Rs 41,900 in India.