Axis Bank Credit Card Application Status: How to Check Your Axis Bank Credit Card Status Online

Here's how you can check the status of Axis Bank credit card online using these simple steps!

  • Having to wait for the credit card is a somewhat irritating part of owning a credit card.
  • Knowing what is happening with your Credit card Application makes it easy to wait.
  • Here’s how to know the status of the Credit card Application.

Have you applied for an Axis bank credit card and waiting for the application updates? To check the application details, you don’t have to wait for it to arrive. You can check the application status by yourself. The bank gives a plenty of options to check the status of your credit card.

You can check the application status via online and offline methods and all you will need is your application ID or PAN and your mobile number that you have registered for the credit card. In this explainer, we will discuss both online and offline ways to check the Axis bank credit card.

How to Check Axis Bank Credit Card Application Status Online

The easiest way to check the Application status is right in your palm. You can check the Axis bank credit card application status online easily. Even while checking the status online, there are multiple ways like checking it from your application number, PAN card, Mobile number, Email, and SMS.

How to Check Credit Card Application Status Using Application Number and Mobile Number

As a usual procedure, once you successfully apply for the Credit Card, you receive an application number through SMS or Email. The application number or Application ID is a unique number that gets bound with your application. With that number or ID, you can easily check the status of your application in a snap.

To check using the Application Number, you will also need the Mobile number it is connected to. As you will receive an OTP during this process on that number. Keep note that the OTP verification is necessary as it is a security measure taken by the bank to prevent any unauthorised access.

  • Open Axis CC tracker site
  • On the top tabs, select Application ID and Mobile number if it’s not already selected by default.
  • Fill in the fields with your Application ID and Mobile number. Add the captcha code given on the website.
  • Now, simply click on “Track Now”
  • In the next screen, enter the OTP received on your Mobile Number

This will show you how to Track the Application using the Application ID and Mobile number.

Track Your Credit Card Application Status Using PAN and Mobile Number

Suppose you don’t get the Application number or somehow misplace it. In that case, there is nothing to worry about as Axis Bank facilitates their users with other options to Track the Application ID.

When you are unable to find the Application ID, you can track your Application using the PAN number and mobile number as well. You will need to keep your PAN card with yourself during this procedure. Follow along to track your Credit Card Application using your PAN Number and Mobile Number.

  • Open Axis CC tracker website
  • On the tabs above, select Pan Number and Mobile number, as it will not be selected by default.
  • Fill in the fields with your PAN Number and Mobile number
  • Once you fill in the Pan Number and Mobile Number, enter the captcha code at the bottom.
  • Click “Track Now”.
  • In the next screen, enter the OTP received on your Mobile Number.

How to Track Axis Bank Credit Card Application Status via Email or SMS

Once you are done with a successful Credit Card application, you will receive a follow-up Email and SMS. In the Email and SMS, you will get the verification of the process completion and the expected date of the credit card.

Once you receive the SMS verification on your Mobile Number, you will continuously receive a series of SMS notifications about the application activity. This SMS can be regarding but not limited to Card dispatched, Card Status, Application on hold etc.

If you don’t receive the Email of the activity, you can send Axis bank an Email asking about the status of your credit card. You will need to fill out the Axis Bank Email Contact form with the Credit card status as the subject. They will typically respond to your Email within 3-5 working days.

How to Check Credit Card Application Status through Customer Care

If you are not very comfortable writing an Email or going through the whole website process, you can also call their customer care number and check the status of your Application. Here also, you will need to keep your PAN or Application ID handy before calling them.

The customer executive will ask your Name, Application ID or PAN number to verify it’s you before proceeding further. Now that you have kept the PAN number or Application ID, you can proceed further and call on this given credit card helpline number.

  • 1860-419-5555
  • 1860-500-5555
  • 1800-103-5577 (toll free)

How to check Axis Bank Credit Card Application Status Offline

If you find it difficult to get your way around online, visiting a physical branch is always a grate option. In a physical branch, a representative can always be there to help you out. When you visit the branch, you should bring the Application ID and PAN card. It will make the process easier for you and them as well.

They can also help you will the situation like when you might have made mistake and the application is on hold. Or, a situation like where it has been too long since you have applied for a card.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to get a credit card approved in Axis Bank?

In normal circumstances, the credit card arrives to you within 7–15 days. If within this period you don’t receive the Credit Card, you should check the Application Status to see if the card is arriving or not.

2. How do I know if my credit card is approved?

One way to check the Credit Card’s approval status, you can keep an eye on the Email and SMS notifications. If you are not receiving the notifications, you can follow the above steps to check the Application Status online or offline.

3.What is the minimum CIBIL score for an Axis Bank credit card?

750 is the minimum CIBIL you will be required to apply for the Axis Bank credit card.

What happens if a credit card is not approved?

If your application for the Credit card is not approved, the first thing you should be is to check if your Credit Card application is not on hold. If you make any mistake during the application process, your application can be put on hold. By chance your card is rejected then you can contact to the customer care or your local branch to know and understand the reason.