Best Inverter for Home in India: Top 10 Picks for 2023


Having a power cut these days is rare but not unusual and Since the Work From Home culture is growing, it’s becoming more and more crucial to have a stable power supply at home. Well, we can not do anything if the power is cut from the main line. But, there is a workaround that keeps you settled in such a time.

The solution is to have an inverter at home. Here are some of the best inverters available in India but before that let’s take a look at some of the important factors while buying one.

Best Inverters Available For Home In India

There are plenty of options available in India but very few brands are out there that has both: great support and value for money proposition. Brands like Luminous, Livguard, and many more in top options which we will be looking here. These brands has great after sales services and product life which makes them best options for our need.

Luminous Zelio+

Zelio is an intelligent and advanced inverter series available in India, equipped with a 32-bit DSP processor and informative LCD display. It offers features like a power backup time display, battery charging time display, fault indicators, and more. With MCB protection and a mains bypass switch, it ensures an uninterrupted power supply even during faults.

It supports the capacity of 1500 VA, with a maximum bulb load of 1260 W. Zelio utilizes Sine Wave Technology for the safe operation of sensitive appliances. It supports two batteries (24V each) and has a smart display that shows backup time, charging time, mains status, system faults, and battery information.

Luminos Zelio+ Running Load And Capacity

Capacity: 1500VA

Running Load: 1260W Maximum

Luminos Zelio+ Special Features

  • 32-bit DSP processor
  • Adaptive learning capability
  • UPS Mode
  • MCB for protection from input mains
  • Bypass switch for supplying output directly from the grid in case of Home UPS fault
  • Noiseless operation with the help of low harmonic distortion

Luminos Zelio+ Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
UPS Mode Limited Output
Dual Battery Support Low Running Load
Smart Display

Luminos Zelio+ Price

Lumions Zelio+ is available to buy from Rs 6,899 on Amazon.

Luminous NXG+ 1100 Solar

The NXG range is an intelligent solar inverter series with a capacity of 850VA and an operating voltage range of 90V-290V. It supports a maximum panel power of 12V up to 850Wp and has a 50 Amp charge controller rating. The inverter is BIS-certified and comes with a 24-month warranty. It offers three user-settable saving modes: Solar Mode, Solar+Grid Mode, and Grid+Solar Mode. With the Intelligent Solar Optimization Technique (iSOT), it achieves power savings of 1.5-3 units per day.

The NXG+ range ensures maximum capacity utilization by connecting solar panels equivalent to the inverter’s VA ratings. It provides pure sine wave output, short-circuit protection, overload protection, and more for the safety of appliances. The inverter intelligently utilizes both grid and solar power, making it an ideal solar solution for homes. It also features intelligent load sharing and powerful charging even at low voltage.

Luminous NXG+ 1100 Solar Running Load And Capacity

Capacity: 850VA

Running Load: 165W/Hour Maximum

Luminous NXG+ 1100 Solar Special Features

  • Off-grid solar inverter
  • Does not add any penny while charging for a backup
  • Fast solar charging
  • Dual battery culpability

Luminous NXG+ 1100 Solar Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
UPS Mode Limited Output
Dual Battery Support Low Running Load
Bundeledd with battery

Luminous NXG+ 1100 Solar Price

Luminous NXG+ 1100 Solar with bundled battery is available to buy from Rs 35,680 on Amazon.

Luminous Power Sine 1100

The Luminous Power Sine 1100 is a 900VA Pure Sine Wave inverter with LVFC technology, easy-to-read LED indicators, and a battery selection option for longer battery life. Its minimal harmonic distortion guarantees silent operation while also protecting the connected equipment. LVFC technology, which supports one 12V battery, allows for full charging current for input voltages exceeding 95V. While LED indicators monitor system performance, Adaptive Battery Charging Control (ABCC) extends battery life.

In UPS Mode, the output voltage for critical equipment maintains between 180V and 260V, assuring safety. The innovative microprocessor architecture allows for quick (less than 15 ms) switchover from mains to inverter and vice versa. It enables quicker recharging and complete protection features for overcharging, overload, short circuit, over-temperature, low battery, switchover, and overload warnings due to greater charging current. Compatible with Tubular, SMF Flat Plate, and local (80Ah – 250Ah) batteries.

Luminous Power Sine 1100 Running Load And Capacity

Capacity: 900VA

Running Load: 756W/Hour Maximum

Luminous Power Sine 1100 Special Features

  • LVFC technology
  • Adaptive battery charging control
  • LED indication for the performance of inverter battery system monitoring
  • Advanced Microprocessor design

Luminous Power Sine 1100 Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Overvoltage protection Single battery support
UPS Mode Low Maximum capacity
Display for monitoring

Luminous Power Sine 1100 Price

You can buy the Luminous Power Sine 1100 on Amazon at Rs 5,499.

Livguard LGS1700

Livguard LGS1700 is highly efficient, reducing power loss throughout the conversion process for more cost-effective electricity consumption. During power outages, it seamlessly switches to battery power and instantly returns to grid power when power is restored, guaranteeing uninterrupted power. Intelligent battery management prevents overcharging and deep drain, extending battery life.

Livguard LGS1700 Home Inverter and Battery Combination are scalable and easy to install, allowing for easy extension of backup capacity with additional batteries. The inverter is rated at 1500 VA/24V, while the battery is a 150Ah/12V Short Tubular Jumbo with a leak-proof PPCP construction and a 3-year guarantee. Furthermore, the battery guarantee is valid for 60 months, with 36 months of complete replacement and 24 months of pro-rata coverage.

Livguard LGS1700 Running Load And Capacity

Capacity: 1500VA

Running Load: 1260W/Hour Maximum

Livguard LGS1700 Special Features

  • Special Technology for minimal power loss during conversion
  • The swift transition between battery and grid power
  • Intelligent management for prolonged battery life
  • Designed for hassle-free setup
  • Expandable system for increasing energy needs

Livguard LGS1700 Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Swift Transition Propraitoery battery
3 Years Guarantee Cheaper build quality
High Output

Livguard LGS1700 Price

You can buy the Livguard LGS1700 Battery Combo from Amazon at Rs 33,000.

Luminous Eco Volt Neo 850

The Luminous Eco Volt Neo 850 Inverter uses sine wave technology to give dependable and safe electricity during outages. It offers excellent performance with a powerful capacity of 700 VA and a rated power of 560 W. With a low input voltage of 90 V and a charging rate of up to 14 A, the inverter promotes energy efficiency.

It is adaptable to a variety of battery types, including flat plate, tubular, local, and SMF. It is suitable for sensitive equipment like as computers since it has both ECO and UPS modes. Because of its low harmonic distortion, the inverter runs quietly and incorporates Adaptive Battery Charging Control (ABCC) technology for quick charging and increased battery longevity.

Luminous Eco Volt Neo 850 Running Load And Capacity

Capacity: 700VA

Running Load: 560W/Hour Maximum

Luminous Eco Volt Neo 850 Special Features

  • Sine Wave Technology
  • High Capacity: 700 VA / 560 W
  • Rapid Battery Charging: Up to 14 A, Low Input Voltage (90 V)
  • Supports Various Battery Types: Flat Plate, Tubular, Local, SMF
  • ECO and UPS Modes for Flexible Usage

Luminous Eco Volt Neo 850 Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
ECO Mode Lower Output
UPS Mode Smaller Capacity
Rapid Charging

Luminous Eco Volt Neo 850 Price

You can buy the Luminous Eco Volt Neo 850 at Rs 5,099 from Flipkart.


The EXIDE 1050VA home inverter has an LCD display for easy monitoring. It comes with a 3-year replacement guarantee and is ideal for deep discharge when paired with a 150Ah Tubular Plate Design Battery. Installation instructions are available from the vendor, and additional electrical wire configuration and sockets may entail additional expenses for first-time installs. Exchange alternatives are available on EXIDE 1050VA, with exchange prices ranging from INR 2500 to INR 25000 depending on the brand, weight, and condition of the old batteries.

EXIDE 1050VA Running Load And Capacity

Capacity: 1050VA

Running Load: 12V

EXIDE 1050VA Special Features

  • LCD Display
  • Tubular Plate Design Battery (150Ah, 3Yrs Replacement Warranty)
  • Suitable for Deep Discharge
  • Installation Support
  • Battery Exchange Option with Potential Value

EXIDE 1050VA Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
LCD Display with Details Low display brightness
Good exchange value Bulky Design
On-site installation support

EXIDE 1050VA Price

You can get the EXCIDE 1050VA from their official website and Flipkart at Rs 8,399.

Livguard 800VA

Livguard 800VA is a highly efficient inverter, which minimises power loss during conversion and provides cost-effective electricity. Enjoy uninterrupted power supply by seamlessly switching to battery power during outages, which occurs in milliseconds. The technology protects your battery by minimising overcharging, severe drain, and possible damage.

Livguard 800VA Home Inverter and Battery Combination, which is intended for easy installation, makes installation a joy. Furthermore, our modular solution enables for simple increase of backup capacity by adding more batteries as your energy requirements rise. The sine wave inverter has an 800 VA/12V rating and can accommodate a peak load of 680W when combined with a tall tubular battery with a capacity of 150Ah/12V.

Livguard 800VA Running Load And Capacity

Capacity: 800VA

Running Load: 150Ah/12V

Livguard 800VA Special Features

  • High Inverter Efficiency
  • Seamless Switching during Power Outages
  • Intelligent Battery Management for Prolonged Life
  • Hassle-Free Installation with Home Inverter and Battery Combination
  • Scalable System for Easy Capacity Expansion

Livguard 800VA Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Intelligent Battery Management Poor Built quality
Easy Installation Process Lower bundled battery capacity
Easy Capacity Expansion

Livguard 800VA Price

You can buy the Livguard 800VA at Amazon for Rs 7,500.

Microtek Super Power 900

The Advanced Digital Home Inverter has a VA rating of 800VA/12V and can handle a maximum peak load of 672 watts. It is compatible with 1 X (12V) battery with capacities ranging from 100Ah to 200Ah and is suited for flat plate, tubular, and SMF batteries. With a 2-year guarantee, the Digital LED display displays power backup and battery charge time.

Low Watt Loss EI Core for energy economy, Dura Retain Technology for longer power backup, and Resettable Circuit Breaker for appliance safety are all standard features. Intelligent Pulse Technology speeds up charging, and the Auto Reset Function prevents overloads. The Intelligent Control Design Based on a Micro Controller, CCCV Technology, and Multi-Stage Battery Charger improves performance and safety.

Microtek Super Power 900 Running Load And Capacity

Capacity: 800VA

Running Load: 672W

Microtek Super Power 900 Special Features

  • Advanced Digital Technology
  • Wide Battery Compatibility (100 Ah – 200 Ah)
  • Digital LED Display for Power Backup Status
  • Dura Retain Technology for Extended Power Backup
  • Intelligent Pulse Technology for Faster Charging & Longer Battery Life

Microtek Super Power 900 Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Advance LED Display Bulky design
High-tech compatibility Cheaper cover quality
Wide battery support

Microtek Super Power 900 Price

The Microtek Super Power 900 can be bought from the Amazon at Rs 4,900.

Microtek iMerlyn 850 Advanced

The Intelligent premium UPS Series, Microtek iMerlyn 850 Advanced, improves your house with eye-catching design and substantial load-carrying capabilities. The 5 Stage Battery Charging Mechanism protects the health and durability of the battery.

It prioritises efficiency and safety with its micro controlled Intelligent Control Design, Display Indications, High Peak Current Handling, and High Voltage Surge Protection. It provides varied functionality by including Charging Mode, Load Type, and Battery Type Selection Switches, as well as a Re-Settable Circuit Breaker. Smart Thermal Management Protection offers an added degree of security, making iMerlyn an intelligent and fashionable solution for continuous power supply.

Microtek iMerlyn 850 Advanced Running Load And Capacity

Capacity: 700VA

Running Load: 560W/Hr

Microtek iMerlyn 850 Special Features

  • iMerlyn adds to home beauty with premium looks.
  • 5 Stage Battery Charging ensures battery health and extends life.
  • Microcontroller Intelligent Control Design enhances operational efficiency.
  • High Peak Current Handling manages heavy loads effectively.
  • Smart Thermal Management Protection ensures safe and reliable operation.

Microtek iMerlyn 850 Advanced Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Premium Design Small battery range support
5 Stage Battery Charging Poor support in tires 3 and 4 cities
Smart Thermal Management

Microtek iMerlyn 850 Advanced Price

Microtek iMerlyn 850 Advanced is available at Rs 4,899 on Amazon.

Luminous Eco Volt 1050

The Luminous Eco Volt Neo, a top-selling 900VA inverter, has pure sine wave technology for best performance. It has user-friendly LED indications, a battery selection switch, and complete protective measures thanks to its superior microprocessor architecture and LVFC technology. It protects connected equipment by operating virtually silently and with low harmonic distortion. LVFC technology, which supports one 12V battery, enables full charging current for input voltages exceeding 95V.

Adaptive battery charging control (ABCC) extends battery life while LED indicators monitor system performance. The inverter has UPS and Eco modes for appliance safety and lower battery consumption, ensuring a quick and stable transition from mains to inverter. It supports several battery types in the 80Ah-250Ah range and is equipped with overcharging, overload, short circuit, over-temperature protection, and alarms.

Luminous Eco Volt 1050 Running Load And Capacity

Capacity: 900VA

Running Load: 756W/Hr

Luminous Eco Volt 1050 Special Features

  • Pure Sine Wave Technology
  • LVFC (Low Voltage Fast Battery Charging) Technology
  • User-Friendly LED Indications
  • Adaptive Battery Charging Control (ABCC)
  • Advanced Microprocessor Design with Quick Switchover

Luminous Eco Volt 1050 Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Fast Battery Charging Technology Bulky Design
Adaptive battery management No Display for monitoring
Lower switchover times

Luminous Eco Volt 1050 Pricing

One can buy the Luminous Eco Volt 1050 at Rs 5,999 on Amazon.

Factors To Consider When Choosing An Inverter For Your Home

Before jumping straight into the lists of curated inverters for your home, let’s first check out some of the criteria and factors that we should keep in mind while buying one.

Capacity Of Inverter

The capacity of an Inverter is one of the most important factors when opting for one. The Inverter capacity should be based on what amount of power you are required or what kind of equipment you are planning to run during the outage. You must choose the inverter that can handle the total load of equipment you are planning to run.


What kind of battery you are choosing is also a very important factor as it affects the quality of the power and the backup time. Mainly two types of batteries are available for inverters. Lithium-ion and Lead-acid batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are efficient and reliable and also provide better backup times but are also expensive. On the other hand, Lead-ion batteries are way cheaper but are less reliable and require more maintenance


Waveform is based on what kind of equipment you are planning to use. If you are planning to use equipment like ACs, and heavy load computers then you should go with Sine Wave inverters that have smoother ways to output which benefits the most to the sensitive equipment. But, if you are planning to use only normal household equipment like Fans, Bulbs and TVs you can opt for the square wave inverters. The Square wave inverters have sudden wave changes which is bad for sensitive equipment but is way cheaper than the Sine Wave and can power most of the household equipment.

Energy Efficiency

Having an inverter with better energy efficiency means less light bills and better performance overall. You should not be paying an arm and leg just to have a power bank on steroids right?

Now that we know the key factors while choosing the right inverter, let’s look at the list of best inverters for your home. You can choose any of these according to your needs and requirements.