5 Best Mobile Gaming Accessories to Play PUBG, Call of Duty Like a Pro


Are you addicted to multiplayer mobile games such as PUBG and Call of Duty? Don’t worry, I’m won’t bore you with preachy counsel on life. Instead, this article is about helping you get better at those competitive battle royale and team deathmatch gaming. There’s a good chance that you either own a flagship handset or something along the lines of Asus ROG, Nubia Red Magic, or Black Shark. Whether you’re struggling to level-up or have already hit the top-tier, there’s always some room to improve. And these following accessories will give you that extra edge to rack up more points in Call of Duty or reach the final circle in PUBG mobile.

Top 5 Mobile Gaming Accessories to Play PUBG, Call of Duty Like a Pro

  • FlyDigi Trigger
  • Wasp 2 Gamepad
  • iPega PG 9099 Controller
  • FlyDigi Q1 Dongle
  • Realme 10,000 mAh power bank

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Flydigi Trigger

Price: Rs 670

When playing mobile shooter games, our index fingers mostly rest at the back of the phone, doing nothing. FlyDigi’s rear triggers use those fingers for firing a gun. As a result, your thumbs are free to move the crosshair without interrupting the gunshots. Unlike the countless spring-loaded triggers out there in the market, this one from FlyDigi is battery powered. For those not in the know, capacitive touchscreens have a uniform electric field, and a change in the electrical field is picked up as a touch input. That’s exactly what this trigger does with impressive precision. The Flydigi Trigger is adjustable and can snap onto any iPhone and Android devices. It is designed to play nice with both the left and right-handed gamers. And of course, you can buy a pair and use one for zooming and the other one for shooting. When not in use, you can detach and slip them into a pocket. With its 50 mAh battery, the trigger can last for up to 80 hours of usage. All in all, it is an ideal entry-level gear for the mobile gamer.

Flydigi Wasp 2 Bluetooth Gamepad

Price: Rs 2,600

If you want to swiftly move from Rookie to Veteran level, you should consider upgrading to FlyDigi’s Wasp 2 Bluetooth gamepad. It offers console-grade controls on your mobile phone. The Wasp 2 gamepad comes with a bumper, trigger, analog joystick, and additional two buttons that can be reprogrammed as you like. The gamepad has excellent ergonomics. It can boost your gaming capabilities. And you can enhance it further by pairing it with FlyDigi’s Trigger. To accommodate the smartphones of different sizes, the Wasp 2 has an adjustable sliding mechanism. The gamepad connects to your Android smartphone via Bluetooth. Or you can hook it up via the USB Type C port. As per the manufacturer, the Wasp 2 gamepad lasts up to 80 hours on a single charge. The gaming accessory is quite compact to fit your pocket. Plus, FlyDigi ships it with a neat carry case.

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Ipega PG-9099 Controller

Price: Rs 1,800

If you are not convinced with the add on accessories for the gaming, here’s a full-fledged game controller for your mobile. The Ipega PG-9099 is a poor man’s Xbox Elite controller. Sure, its build quality is nowhere near Microsoft’s product. However, it is an excellent gaming companion for your smartphone. The controller has two triggers, two bumpers, two analog joysticks, a D-pad, menu, start, select, and a bunch of programmable buttons. The Ipega PG-9000 has a textured pattern for a better grip around its wings. The controller connects to your smartphone over Bluetooth. The in-built 400 mAh battery lasts for about 10 hours on a single charge. What’s more, it also comes with a holder for smartphones of all sizes.

Flydigi Q1 Dongle

Price: Rs 2,000

Triggers, joysticks, and gamepads are all good. But when it comes to dominating shooter games, nothing beats the keyboard and mouse combination. The precision of the mouse is unmatched by any gaming gear. But how do you achieve that in a mobile phone? Well, meet the FlyDigi Q1 Dongle. It hooks up to your smartphone via Bluetooth and offers two full-fledged USB ports. One each for connecting a keyboard and mouse. The gear supports both the Android and iOS platforms. It fully supports mapping for keyboard and mouse. It comes bundled with a desk stand. It offers a mechanism to adjust the angle as per your requirement. Priced under Rs 2,000, this is a great accessory if you are dead serious about competitive mobile gaming.

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Realme 10,000 mAh Power Bank

Price: Rs 1,200

Now that you are geared for the offense, how about some backup? What’s the point of your powerful smartphone and fancy triggers, if your phone battery dies out in the middle of a deathmatch right? And you can’t expect gamers to sit near a plug point to juice up their phones in the middle of a firefight. This is where Realme’s 10,000 mAh power bank comes to the rescue. No prize for guessing its capacity as it is literally in the name. What makes it an ideal companion of a gamer is its two-way quick charge support. This Realme power bank can charge the phone with the power delivery of up to 18 W. And the power bank can be juiced up with support for an 18 W charger too. To put things in perspective, Realme claims that this power bank can fully charge a drained out iPhone Xs Max in 1 hour and 47 minutes. With the thickness of only 12.5 mm, the Realme 10,000 mAh power bank is easy to carry around.

5 Best Mobile Gaming Accessories to Play PUBG, Call of Duty Like a Pro

Mobile Gaming Accessories Price In India
FlyDigi Trigger Rs 670
Wasp 2 Gamepad Rs 2,600
Ipega PG-9099 Controller Rs 1,800
Flydigi Q1 Dongle Rs 2,000
Realme Power Bank Rs 1,200


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