Money Earning Games: Best Real Money Earning Games In India For Android & iOS

From Winzo to Gamezy, which online money making game to choose?

  • Make money by playing various games in these apps.
  • MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, and more are promoting many money-earning games.
  • But which one should you go for?

Making money online has been an age fantasy for many Indians. Thanks to the advent of real money-earning games, we have another way of making money online – just playing games you’re good at. 

Using your skillset, you can now play fantasy, casual, and card games to make real money. You have to invest your real money to start playing, but if you’re very good at these games, you can make more out of your money.

In this article, we talk about the best money-earning games for 2023. If you choose to start playing, we also discuss the dangers involved in these money-earning games. Read on. 

DISCLAIMER: Your money is at stake. There is no guarantee that you will make money by investing in these games. The risk of losing all your money invested is high with money-earning games. MySmartPrice or the Author does not endorse or guarantee any success in earning money with these apps. We are not responsible for any financial losses you may incur while playing these games. 

Best Money Earning Games For 2023

App Name Download on Android Download on iOS
Winzo Winzo website App Store
Dream 11 Play Store App Store
MPL Play Store App Store
Zupee Zupee website App Store (only Zupee Ludo Supreme)
Gamezy Play Store App Store


  • Launched in – 2018
  • Active users – 10 crore
  • Devices supported – Android & iOS. 

You might remember Winzo from IPL, as Dhoni is promoting it now. It boasts ten crore active users and prides itself upon distributing Rs 200 crore in prizes. Winzo lets you play Ludo, Snake & Ladder, Carron, Bubble Shooter 2, Fruit Samurai, and many more games with real money. Winzo app for Android isn’t available on the Play Store; you can download it from Winzo’s website. The iOS app is available from the App Store

Pros Cons
Great for casual games. Not available via Play Store.
Withdrawals via UPI and Bank Transfer.


  • Launched in – 2019
  • Active users – 10 crore
  • Devices supported – Android & iOS. 

Dream 11 is arguably the biggest name in fantasy cricket in India. It is the official partner of IPL and ICC. Other than fantasy cricket, Dream 11 also features fantasy football, fantasy kabaddi, and more. Dream11 doesn’t offer casual games like other apps in this list, as it focuses on fantasy games only. You can download the Dream11 app from the Play Store and App Store

Pros Cons
Great for fantasy games. No support for UPI for withdrawals.
Withdrawals via NEFT and IMPS.


  • Launched in – 2019
  • Active users – 8 crore
  • Devices supported – Android & iOS. 

If you want to play fantasy football and cricket to earn money, then MPL is one of the biggest apps you can download. It also features casual games such as Fruit Chop, Fruit Dart, Bubble Shooter, Block Puzzle, Ludo, Snakes And Ladders, Carrom And More. All of these games involve real money to win real prizes. You can download MPL from Play Store and App Store.

Pros Cons
Great for fantasy and casual games. The app UI can be improved.
Withdrawals via UPI and Bank Transfer.


  • Launched in – 2018
  • Active users – 2 crore
  • Devices supported – Android

If you’re only into casual games and don’t care about fantasy cricket or rummy, Zupee might be your best real money-winning app. Zupee offers casual games like Ludo Supreme, Ludo Ninja, Ludo Turbo, Snakes & Ladders Plus, Trump Cards Mania, Ludo Supreme League, Zupee Cricket x Tambol and Zupee Cricket Cards. Zupee is available only for Android, and you can download it from the Zupee website. Zupee’s Ludo Supreme is available as a separate app for iOS on App Store.

Pros Cons
Great for casual games. Not available on iOS.
Withdrawals via UPI. Not available through the Play Store on Android.


  • Launched in – 2018
  • Active users – 1 crore
  • Devices supported – Android & iOS. 

Gamezy offers fantasy cricket, fantasy kabaddi, and fantasy football as fantasy games, and it offers Ludo Culture as the only casual game. It also offers Rummy Prime as its version of Rummy. Gamezy also has an affiliate program called Powerplay and a refer and earn, with which you can earn even more by suggesting this app to your friends and family. You can download Gamezy from Play Store and App Store.

Pros Cons
Instant sign-up bonus Less number of users compared to other apps in this list
Withdrawals via UPI & IMPS

First Games

  • Launched in – 2018
  • Active users – 30 million+
  • Devices supported – Android & iOS. 

First Games is an online gaming app from Paytm. It has various fantasy games like Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Kabaddi and Fantasy Basketball. You can also play Rummy in Paytm First Games. You can download Paytm First Games from the Play Store and App Store.

Pros Cons
Brand trust of Paytm Less rating on App Store (2.8/5) and Play Store (3.5/5)
Withdrawals via UPI & Paytm wallet Minimum withdrawal of Rs 100
Bad support


  • Launched in – 2019
  • Active users – 4 crore +
  • Devices supported – Android & iOS. 

My11Circle is one of India’s most advertised fantasy games, with a host of cricketers as brand ambassadors. With My11Circle, you can only play Fantasy Cricket and Fantasy Football, unlike other apps in this list. You can download My11Circle from the Play Store and App Store.

Pros Cons
Best for fantasy cricket and fantasy football. Limited games
Withdrawals via UPI & IMPS


  • Launched in – 2019
  • Active users – 5 crore +
  • Devices supported – Android & iOS. 

Remember Hike? They have a money-earning app called Rush. You can play casual games like Carrom, Ludo, Quizzy, Snakes & Ladders, Fruit Fight, Brick Smash, Knife Master, Archery, Football, Gold, and more. You can download Rush from the Play Store and App Store.

Pros Cons
Instant sign up bonus Minimum payout is Rs 50
Good for casual games
Withdrawals via UPI


  • Launched in – 2005
  • Active users – 6 crore +
  • Devices supported – Android & iOS. 

Another app that’s being heavily promoted in India is A23 or Ace2three. A23 lets you play Fantasy games like Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Basketball, Fantasy Football, etc. You can also play Rummy, Poker, Carrom, Pool, etc. You can download A23 from the Play Store and App Store.

Pros Cons
Instant sign-up bonus Customer support isn’t the best.
Withdrawals via UPI & IMPS

AIO Games

  • Launched in – 2021
  • Active users – 30,000+
  • Devices supported – Android & iOS. 

AIO Games is a newer player in the segment; it was launched in 2021. AIO Games lets you play casual games like Brainy Ludo, Bottle Shoot, Solitaire Delights, Fruit Chopper, Carrom, 8 Ball Pool, and Knife Smack. It also lets you play card games like Rummy and Poker. You can download the AIO Games app from the AIO Games website for Android and from the App Store for iOS. 

Pros Cons
Great for playing casual games Less number of users compared to other apps in this list
Withdrawals via UPI 

Online Money Earning Attracts TDS

The government of India has added a new tax system for online money-earning apps such as the ones we mentioned in this list. Now, players who make money from these apps and games will be subject to 30% TDS, per the guidelines issued by the Central Board of Direct Taxes. 

If your net winnings exceed 0, 30% TDS will be deducted from your net winnings at withdrawal time. That means you will be taxed 30% of what you make from these online money-earning games. If the winnings aren’t withdrawn, TDS will be applied to your account at the end of the financial year. 

  • Net winnings = Total withdrawal – (Total fresh deposits + Opening Balance)

Online Rummy Is Not Legal In Some States

Gambling isn’t legal in India. However, as per Legal Service India E-Journal, states such as Nagaland, Sikking, and Kerala allow online gambling apps in their respective states. However, these apps are strictly regulated in these states, and only skill-based apps are allowed. These apps need licenses to operate in these states. Most of the popular apps are said to have these licenses. States such as Telangana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu have banned all gambling apps in their state, and it is illegal to use them to earn money online if you’re from these states. 

The introduction of TDS to online money-earning games has made some kind of effort from the Indian government to make these games legal in the country. Even though the states have termed it illegal, the final verdict is not yet out, as various court battles are ongoing on whether these apps should remain illegal or legal in states like Karnataka and Tamil Nadu against the likes of MPL and Dream 11. 

Dangers Of Money-Earning Games In India

Many new online money-making apps are propping up every day in India. You might be tempted to try out these new apps to enjoy the lower competition by these apps. These new apps might not be available in Play Store or App Store. 

Several new betting apps are propping up in India, which are strictly illegal in the country. These apps operate out of the country and could take your money and not return it. You might have seen the advertisements for these apps in Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts recently. Please don’t dive into such an app and lose your money betting. 

Beware Of The Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is a real thing. Even though the apps mentioned above come under the grey area of whether they fall under gambling, they can quickly become an addiction for many people. 

There are stories such as the ones featured by Rest Of World, where people have started playing with a couple of hundred rupees but became an addition and started playing with money borrowed from others and from their credit cards, and incurred a huge debt. 

These games can get hugely addictive, and you must control yourself from making them the biggest thing in your life. Just make these games a part of your hobby and not something you’d do all day and lose all the money you have. As much as it is possible to make money from these games, it is also possible that you’d lose all your money in these. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a money-earning game is legitimate?

If the game is a member of an industry body like the All India Gaming Federation, it indicates the app is legitimate. If the app is available in the Play Store and App Store, it is also an indication of the legitimacy of the app.

Can I play money-earning games for free without investing real money?

You can play money-earning games for free with the free games section in these games. But you can only win money from these games by investing real money. 

Is there an age restriction for playing money-earning games?

You must be at least 18 to play these money-earning games. 

How do I withdraw money earned from these games?

Most money-earning games support UPI, NEFT, or IMPS for withdrawing money to your account.

What precautions should I take to ensure online safety while playing these games?

Take these precautions:

  • Play only on trusted and legitimate games/apps.
  • Be careful on the link you click about these games or apps. Make sure you’re not being subjected to phishing. 
  • Be aware of the risks of gambling, and ensure you play safely.