COD Mobile Tips and Tricks: Best 7 Tips and Tricks for Call of Duty Mobile to Get More Kills

These tips might just help improve your K/D ratio.


Call of Duty Mobile has stuck around and it has developed into one of the most beloved games on mobile. While early sceptics were still on the fence regarding whether a beloved console title would translate well into a mobile game, much of those concerns have now been silenced.

It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Call of Duty Mobile has some of the best gunplay and traversal in mobile gaming. The game shares much of its DNA with its console and PC counterparts and does a great job of replicating the kinetic gunplay that fans have come to love in the last couple of decades.

Whether you are a longtime COD veteran now trying out mobile or a new Call of Duty Mobile player trying to get a grip on things- everyone can use a couple of pointers and incorporate little tweaks in their game to get better.

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7 Things To Help You Get More Kills in Call of Duty Mobile

Advanced Aiming

Easily the first thing I recommend to anyone playing Call of Duty Mobile is that they try turning on Advanced Aiming. This setting can be toggled on from the Settings Menu and allows players to use the ADS button for both shooting and aiming down the sight.

In simple terms, rather than using your left thumb to first aim down the sight and then using the right thumb to shoot – you can do both actions with a single long-button press. This eliminates extra movement and while it can be a bit tricky to get used to, it is the best way to ensure you are always the first one on the trigger in a firefight.

Veteran COD fans might feel it is borderline blasphemous to map ADS and Shoot to one button, but given that the mobile platform asks you to make certain changes to your game, Advanced Aiming is the single-biggest improvement you can make in your game.

Pay Attention to Sounds

It really cannot be stressed enough that in order to really get the best out of your time in the game – you need to play with headphones. Call of Duty, since its earliest days, has paid attention to sound design, which effectively, allows players to pick up on cues such as footsteps and bullets to better have an idea about their surroundings.

Once you’re in the groove and playing with headphones, you will be able to detect enemies around you instantly and prevent an easy death and get more kills instead. While playing through just the speakers might seem okay at first, you are bound to see your K/D ratio get significantly better once you start playing with headphones.

Paying attention to your surroundings is one of the best ways to rack up more kills, and more importantly, avoid being killed in the worst ways possible.

Tweak the Touch Controls

Call of Duty Mobile

One of the neatest things about Call of Duty Mobile is that the game lets you tweak and adjust every aspect of the touch controls on the screen. This can be accessed through the Settings menu and it allows players to drag and drop each of the touch controls present – you can switch around controls, and place them in different parts of the screen to best suit your playstyle.

This is most useful when you try and tailor the UI size to fit your hand size. This allows players to have a set of controls best suited for them, which should translate to better plays, and eventually, more wins and kills.

COD’s impeccable gunplay is complimented by their dedication to letting players customize their experience in the most crucial aspects of the game – the controls. Players can try grouping controls closely to allow for faster switching or spread them apart to make full use of the screen, in case you have bigger hands.

Position Before Shooting

One of the key things that often gets tossed right out of the window during a surprise firefight is movement. Players will often freeze up and try and get a shot off if the enemy gets a jump on them. While it is true that COD Mobile has a very low TTK, much like its console-PC counterpart, there is also a very small window of opportunity for you to manoeuvre and get out of the way.

The best thing to do when you get into a firefight is immediately look for cover or simply go prone. If you can get behind a wall or a pillar to obstruct enemy’s view, that’s an easy win or if that’s not possible, simply hit the ground and go prone by holding down the crouch button.

This will make you a much harder target to hit and the enemy will be caught off-guard as they suddenly don’t have a target to shoot at. Also, remember to use the slide button frequently when turning a corner. There is always a good chance that there is a pesky camper waiting around a corner and the best way to throw them off is by sliding into rooms and letting loose a couple of hundred bullets in their face.

Weapon Choice

This particular tip requires players to have a good understanding of all maps in Call of Duty Mobile. Specifically, understand the scale of each map and how large they are, or simply understand the distribution between interiors and exteriors.

Typically, some maps in Call of Duty Mobile emphasize large, open, spaces that encourage players to use long-range weapons like sniper-rifles or mid-range weapons like Assault Rifles. Then there are others that are lot more claustrophobic and force players to get into each other’s faces frequently, encouraging close-quarters combat.

So, if it looks like you’re in for a small, contained map – be sure to choose weapons like Shotguns and SMGs. If the map is fairly large and there are tons of open areas, opt for a Sniper Rifle or an AR. A typical rule of thumb is, the best balance between these weapons is an SMG.

Call of Duty has always been a rusher’s paradise and if you plan to rush the map regardless of size – go with an SMG. These fast, twitchy weapons will reward players who stay aggressive throughout the map and move quickly from position to position.

Builds – Perks and Classes


Additionally, try out all kinds of different perks and scorestreaks to go with your weapons. COD Mobile has a large variety of perks that cater to specific playstyles. In case you’re looking to move silently through the map, maybe try out perks like Dead Silence; on the other hand, if you’re the pyrotechnic type and like blowing stuff up, maybe try out perks like Toughness and Flak Jacket.

Repetition and practice are the key to success in Call of Duty Mobile and it is essential you get used to working with different styles of gameplay for each map. You should ideally have custom loadouts with the same weapon but with different attachments to better adapt to any given map and situation

Call of Duty Mobile allows players to create different kinds of builds for a singular weapon – which adds a lot of verstality to your gameplay.

Not All Attachments are Made Equal

While it is true that all attachments perform separate functions and are equally viable in their own way – there are some that just go better with certain kinds of playstyle. It is essential that you identify your playstyle and pick attachments that best suit it.

On top of identifying the best weapons for each map, you cannot go wrong experimenting with attachments for your favourite weapons. One of the best ways to get familiar with your loadouts is to practice against AI and figure out which attachments go best with certain weapons.

You can go to town against AI and see which attachments on certain weapons get you the best results. For instance, players who prefer hip-firing often could be better suited to attachments like Laser Sight while those who prefer aiming down the sight more often should try out Stippled Grip Tape.