Krafton’s Garuda Saga Now Available Exclusively for Android And iOS Users in India

  • Krafton India, in partnership with Alchemist Games, has launched Garuda Saga, its first-ever Indian-themed game.
  • Armed with a bow and arrow, players take on the role of legendary Garuda, a revered figure in Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

Krafton India, the developer behind Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), has launched Garuda Saga, an Indian-themed roguelike adventure game developed by Alchemist Games. The game was up for pre-registrations earlier this month. It is now exclusively available to Android and iOS users in the Indian region.

Garuda Saga: Krafton’s First Indian Theme Mobile Game

Garuda Saga is a role-playing game (RPG) with rogue-like gameplay and rich Indian mythology. Players embody the legendary Garuda, who is armed with a bow. Garuda is a revered figure in Hindu and Buddhist traditions, renowned for speed and archery prowess.

Inspired by Indian themes, players navigate challenging levels, vanquish foes with Garuda’s unmatched speed and archery skills, and unlock powerful abilities as they progress. The narrative centres on Garuda’s daring rescue mission, venturing into the underworld to save his friend and mentor, King Allu.

The game features 19 immersive chapters, each containing 15 multi-levels. Garuda Saga boasts intuitive controls, diverse randomized skills, and captivating magical effects during boss battles. Players can tailor their gameplay through a robust character customization system, allowing them to experiment with various equipment combinations.

Krafton opened pre-registrations for the game on February 5, 2024, on both the App Store and Play Store. Early registrants received a special welcome package, including free in-game resources and a companion pet. The game is now officially available on both the Google Play and Apple App Store. Below are the download links to the game.

Anuj Sahani, President of the Krafton Incubator Program and Leader of Garuda Saga, emphasized the game’s ‘interesting’ design, specifically tailored for Indian players. He commended the successful collaboration between Alchemist Games and Krafton India for effectively channelling various elements of Indian culture into the game.

Garuda Saga will also compete against the much-anticipated Indus Battle Royale, another India-based game. SuperGaming, a Pune-based video game developer, is the developer for Indus Battle Royale. Garuda Saga provides a more story-driven adventure with a greater emphasis on character development and exploration of Indian mythology, whereas Indus offers a competitive, survival-focused experience.

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